URGENT! Call To Action – Our Health Freedom At Risk, Courtesy Of Washington, DC !

Thrive-JeffBell_Close_Cropped_Headshot_10-29-2013The rascals in Washington, DC that are supposedly there to represent us and look out for us are at it again!

Failed Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain is doing his best to ram legislation through the U.S. Senate, which will place draconian restrictions on our freedom to buy vitamins and supplements and to exercise similar health choices that we have enjoyed for the entire history of the United Stated of America.

I know this is hard to believe, and many people that I have been telling about this respond by saying, “Oh!  That will never happen here!”  I hope they are right, but I don’t feel this is a time to sit complacently by and leave such a crucial issue to chance, nor to the questionable motives of the U.S. Congress.  There is simply too much at stake!

Imagine not being able to purchase vitamin C without a prescription from a Medical Doctor!  I know this is hard to imagine.  But there are countries in the European Union where this is already reality, and if McCain and Harken have their way, it will be here, as well.

Actually, there are two bills that both if signed into law could drastically reduce our freedom to make health choices.  And in fashioon that would make George Orwell, (of “Big Brother” fame), proud, they have been givne names that make them sound like they intended to improve our health safety.  Do you believe that?  I don’t have to assure you that I do not.  Here are the names:

John McCain’s “Supplement Safety” bill S 3002 and Tom Harkin’s “Food Safety” bill S 502.

The Natural Solutions Health Foundation has already launched a campaign to inform the public of the true nature of these assaults on our freedoms, and to circulate a petition and e-mail camp;aign to let these rascals know that we will not stand for this.

I think they have done such a good job that in the interest of not wasting duplicate efforts, I am including their e-mail here:  (I hope you will join me in taking action on this one.  If there is even a remote chance that these fascist laws could become the law of the land, we must stop them.)  Please consider this and take action if you agree that this threat must be stopped:

What Do You Call 1.1 Million Emails
To Protect Our Supplements and Clean, Unadulterated Food?

A Good START!  


(Once there, read as much as you want to or need to and then scroll down on their site to take action.)


Tom Harkin’s fake “Food Safety” bill, S 510 and John McCain’s fake “Supplement Safety” bill S 3002 are dangerous to your heath and deadly to your freedom!

How to stop them? Generate Huge Opposition and GROW it by dissemination! We are pleased to say that about 16 health freedom and consumer groups have followed our lead and taken up this battle.  That is wonderful. Our momentum and leadership are what you, and the other groups, rely on.  Our numbers are what the decision-makers respond to.

Take Action Now for Each Member of Your Family and Pass It On to Everyone You Know

 You also can find links to the full text of both bills, as well as legislative analysis of thier probable impacts on the Natural Solutions site.

I would like to thank the dedicated folks at:

Natural Solutions Foundation
EmergencyHealth Freedom Action eAlert
The Voice of Global Health Freedom™

for spearheading this crucial freedom-saving exercise in Democracy.

Please feel free to comment on this critical call to action – questions, comments, suggestions – all welcome whether in agreement with my views or not.  We honor free speech!

To your precious health and your precious freedom!

Jeff Bell

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