Is MMS The Magic Bullet?

Thrive-JeffBell_Close_Cropped_Headshot_10-29-2013Darn near!  As I have written in previous posts, when I initially heard the claims about what MMS could do, and some of the wide menu of health concerns it could improve, I was very skeptical.  In fact, a few years back, I heard about MMS and put it on my “too good to be true” pile.

Several months ago I was prompted to take another look at MMS.  A fellow holistic healer told me that she had cured herself of a particularly nasty disease after the conventional doctors told her that all they could offer was to partially alleviate her symptoms.  They advised her to make good friends with the disease and get used to living with it.  That was probably the best advice they could have given her.  It made her so angry and defiant that she decided she would show them.  Within a month of starting the MMS she was completely well again.  Her doctors were more than a little surprised.

Since then, I have been digging up every scrap of information about MMS that I could find.  I have also been using it for about a a little over a month now.  My digestion is greatly improved, my energy level is much higher, and I have even found that my mental functions seem stronger and more clear.  Everywhere I turn I find amazing stories from my colleagues and others of dramatic health benefits from using MMS to address an astonishingly large number of health problems.

Along with the buzz about MMS and all the information about its potential benefits, there seems to be a fair amount of confusion and some misleading information regarding best practices for using it.  To help provide some clarity I written some basic guidelines for those interesting in learning how to use MMS.  The article certainly does not cover everything – that would take a small encyclopedia.  However, if you are just getting started, or just learning about MMS you will almost certainly find it valuable.

The beginning of the article includes a link for the free basic eBook on MMS that Jim Humble wrote a few years back.  That book covers the foundational information that you need.  Then my article brings you up to date with some of the latest recommendations for common use.

Here is the link to the MMS Basic Use article: MMS General Use Guidelines

I also am sharing this simplified chart that makes it easy to learn how to begin using MMS for general health: MMS Simple Use Chart

Also, if you are looking for a source for MMS, here is a good web site where you can buy it inexpensively: CLO2Plus – an MMS Source

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