Check This Out – A Great “Occupy” Song

Besides entertaining us and adding beauty to our lives, art has always had the job of holding up a mirror for us. It can be a powerful medium for “getting out the message”. Recall that Picasso’s famous painting about the bombing of a city of civilians during the Spanish Civil War, called simply: “Guernica” was so powerful that it was banned in many locals.

Today, the United States of America seems to be at greater risk than ever before. Financial monsters, symbolized by Wall Street and all that Wall Street conjurs up for us, have thrown any semblance of ethics and morality to the wind. To unprecidented degrees they have indulged their own extreme greed and placed their selfish interests above EVERYTHING else in the known Universe. They do not seem to care at all about the consequences. They have become the proverbial parasite that is so successful at exploiting its host that it kills its host. And they are so short-sigthed that they fail to see that ultimately they are committing suicide by killing their host. The most successful parasites in nature are smart enough to stop short of killing their hosts.

Unlimited Power + Collossal Arrogance, combined with Maximum Greed + Ultimate Stupidity = One Bad Combination.

So here is a piece of art that I think helps to spread the word. If you like it, please share.

To your great health and to the restoration of economic justice and freedom!

Jeff Bell

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