Vaccine Truth Update – You Don’t Want To Miss This.

Jeff_Bell_Headshot_06-07-2015_Cropped I just returned from the Truth About Cancer Live Symposium in Orlando, Florida. (Got back late last night.)

Del Bigtree gave a 45-minute presentation about the fraud that the entire vaccine agenda is based on. He included the compelling science behind the reasons for questioning everything we have been told about vaccines at the behest of the vaccine industrial sector.

I have seen a lot of vaccine-questioning presentations over the years. (I have refused vaccines since the age of 16, so that is 51 years.) I have even made some of my own presentations to help educate people about the many scientific reasons why the entire vaccine industry is one of the more dangerous industries on earth.

Del Bigtree’s presentation Saturday night was the most amazing, powerful, passionate and compelling I have ever seen. Wow! Just about all of the more than 1,200 people weeping. Del’s speech was followed by a 5-minute standing ovation.

I have Del’s permission to share the video as widely as I can. As soon as I have the video I will post it here and let you know how you can get a copy to download and share.

You do not want to miss this. If you have friends or family who are on the fence about vaccines, especially if they have children who could be vaccinated, you will want to make sure they see this before it is too late.

To your great health!

PS. Meanwhile, for those who want to get started or take the next step in understanding what is certainly one of the most massive and destructive frauds ever perpetrated on the human race, here is a link to a good white paper that illuminates some of the more crucial science in the case against vaccines: Introduction to Vaccine Safety Science & Policy in the United States

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