Urgent Action Item! Don’t Let Our Government Crush Our Internet!

Thrive-JeffBell_Close_Cropped_Headshot_10-29-2013I’m sure my readers are aware of the huge struggle for freedom and democracy currently unfolding in Egypt.

Of course, the existing dictatorship in Egypt is resisting all calls for relinquishing its hold on absolute power with all its might.  That is no surprise.

One of the key measures they have employed is to shut down one of the most important instruments of freedom and personal control in all of human history – the Internet.  That’s right, one of the first things the existing Egyptian government did as the protests began to gather steam was to turn of the entire Internet for all of Egypt.

Again, this is no surprise.  What else would one expect from a dictatorship?

But this will surprise you:  Despite all the rhetoric coming from the United States government about being the “leader of the Free World”, and standing for Freedom and Democracy, the Obama administration, along with key elements of Congress are working right now on establishing extrajudicial authority to shut down the Internet at will.

According to their plan, the President will be given authority to declare an  emergency and simply turn off the Internet for the entire United States.  The President will have the authority to do this without any judicial overview, with no checks or balances and with no recourse on the part of the citizens.

I don’t know about you, but I find this shockingly hypocritical – to be on the one hand preaching the gospel of Freedom, Democracy and Free Speech, while at the same time quietly putting measures in place so that the U.S. administration can shut down the U.S. Internet anytime it feels like it.

So what is the action item?  Really two action items:

1.  If you care about Democracy, Freedom and Free Speech, please spread the word.   Share the link to this blog post and any others like it that you may find.

2.  Take a look at this link and consider signing their petition and sharing it with your friends and family.


Thanks for taking the time to consider this important issue!

By the way, those of you who read my posts, articles and the like, including those who have personally benefited from my work, know that I am sitting on top of roughly 35 year’s worth of research into uncommon but very valuable and effective health information.  I continue to add to this body of knowledge on a daily basis.  (I average 60 hours of research per month.)   The Internet is the only practical and affordable way I or most of my colleagues in the holistic health field have of making this information available to those who need it.

So the administration’s shameful bid for the unrestricted power to shut down the Internet is a direct threat to our health.

I would love to get some dialog going about this issue.  Please share your ideas and inspirations on how we might better protect our free speech and keep the politicians’ hands off our Internet.  (It is ours – it was developed using our tax dollars!)  So please post your comments, ideas, or…

To your health and freedom!

Jeff Bell

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  1. Bill Sanders
    Posted February 3, 2011 at 1:20 am | Permalink

    Great article Jeff. I absolutely agree and signed the petition. It sucks that we are at the mercy of the PTB, but that is the truth :)

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