MMS and DMSO – Safe? Effective? The Miracle Cure We’ve All Been Waiting For?

Thrive-JeffBell_Close_Cropped_Headshot_10-29-2013There sure is a lot of buzz on the Internet about MMS these days. Everywhere I turn, it seems someone is promoting it as the way to deal with this illness or that. So, is it safe? Is it effective? Is it an appropriate treatment for the very wide variety of health conditions and challenges for which it is being recommended?

Honestly, I don’t know. Although MMS has been around for awhile, it has really just popped up on my radar screen, and I have a lot more research, reading and due diligence to complete before I am ready to offer my opinion.

I am not one who believes that all things holistic are good. First off, all health protocols, holistic or not, must be used appropriately and properly to be safe. They must be used for conditions that they have proven effective for. Many holistic health substances and protocols have the potential to cause great harm if they are used improperly, or if they are used for the wrong conditions. One of the greatest potential dangers arising from holistic health approaches results from overly-general or exagerated claims of possible results. If we are mistakenly led to believe that a certain holistic health protocol will cure a disease, we may choose it over another that would have been far more likley to to be effective. I also do not dismiss out of hand, all allopathic and/or “conventional medicine”. In some cases, it absolutely may be the best choice.

To date, I do not know enough about MMS to have an opinion about what it can or cannot do. Nor do I know what health conditions it may be appropriate for and what critical information may be needed to use it safely and effectively. I am still digging through the research and information. I will certainly report back here when I have it.

In the meantime, I do have a very strong concern with a substance frequently recommended for use with MMS. That is DMSO, or DiMethyl SulfOxide, (chemical formula: C2H6OS). DMSO has been around for a very long time. In fact, as an long-time endurance ahtlete I used it extensively, safely and effectively to treat joint soreness and soft-tissue injuries, and even bone bruises, over many years. Used properly and appropriately, I am convinced that it is both safe and effecitve.

However, DMSO is potentially quite dangerous if it is not used properly. Here’s the skinny: DMSO is a liquid that penetrates right through the skin as well as through most other human and animal tissues. Furthermore, it has the ability to carry other substances through the skin and tissues with it. For example, if it is desired to get an anti-inflammatory medicine into an injured joint, instead of causing the pain and tissue damage that an injection would cause, one might mix the medicine in with DMSO, and then paint it onto the skin around the joint area. CAUTION! I am not necessarily recommending this! It is not to be casually done. It can be effective and may even be an optimal choice in some cirucmstances, (as I mentioned above, I used it safely and effectively for years), but it needs to be done carefully, strictly following proper protcols in order to be safe. And it needs to be used for appropriate conditions to be effective.

DMSO can carry any chemical that has a molecular weight of up to 1,000 right through the skin and into the body, into the blood stream, and even through the blood-brain barrier. Further, following application to the skin, it leaves the skin more permeable than normal, or “hyper-permeable”, for up to 6 hours. This which means that chemicals such as the dye from clothing that comes into contact with DMSO-treated skin could be accidentally allowed through the skin and carried directly into the body. Obvoiusly, it is not likely that such dye will be beneficial to one’s health once it is inside the body!

I do not have room to include proper DMSO use in this post – look for that in a future article or post. However, I do want to explain why it is often recommended for use in conjunction with MMS and what I see as a primary danger.

DMSO is being recommended as a “delivery vehicle” for getting MMS directly into the bloodstream and other body tissues, bypassing the digestive tract. This may be desireable. However, as I have pointed out above, applying DMSO, or anything containing DMSO to the skin leaves the skin hyper-permeable for up to 6 hours following application. So if there are unhealthful impurities in any substance mixed with the DMSO, they get right into the body. In contrast, although ingesting unhealthy impurities could also be risky and not beneficial, the chances that the digestive system would either filter them out, neutralize them, or at least limit them in some way are much greater than the chances that your body could protect you from them if they are brought right through the skin via DMSO.

So what’s the bottom line here? 1. I don’t yet have an informed opinion regarding the safety and efficacy of MMS. 2. If you are going to use DMSO, either in combination with MMS or by itself or in combination with other substances, please be 100% sure that you are fully informed about the safe methods for using it. And, please be sure that you use only unscented, pharmaceutical-grade DMSO if you do use it.

To your optimal health!

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  1. Jeff Bell
    Posted May 2, 2013 at 5:57 pm | Permalink

    Hi. Thanks for your kind words. I think my site is a bit unusual. I have very consciously and deliberately avoided the more common marketing hype. I just wanted to put the information out there in a way that would make it accessible, but where it was still clear that I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. Instead, I try to just speak my mind with the understanding that those who come upon the site must make their own evaluation. So I do not have any fancy graphics, nor anything else that a number of marketing “experts” have tried to convince me to add to the site. And I do not intend to.

    Now on to your question: Obviously, the site is built on the WordPress platform. The theme is called “Thematic”. But it was heavily modified by my buddy, who is a professional web developer. He went into something called the master CSS (“cascading style sheet”), and changed some of the code to get the site to look the way it does. I could not easily do that myself as I am not a web developer, and I do not know how to code in PHP. Instead, I mocked up the look and feel that I wanted, including the colors, in Microsoft PowerPoint. Then my buddy found a theme that he thought would be a good starting point and modified the CSS until it looked like my mock-up in PowerPoint.

    If you like what he did, then you might want to check out his web site and get in touch with him. It is: I am very happy with his original work, as well as with the occasional additional help I have needed from time to time. He is reliable, reasonable, easy to work with, and very skilled. He is also really good at doing exactly what is wanted. (I have worked with other web developers and found that it is not always easy to get what I want.) If you do decide to work with him, then please tell him I recommended him.

    Also you might want to know what I used to create the forms on my site. Originally I used a WordPress plugin called: Contact Form 7, which is pretty good, free, and is pretty simple to install and use. Recently I have begun switching over to a more sophisticated forms plugin called: Gravity Forms. There was a bit of a learning curve, but not too bad. And it have many more features, including more powerful layout controls and more advanced data validation functions. So far, my “Get Started” page has been migrated over to Gravity Forms. The other forms on the site are still in Contact Forms 7. I hope to get them moved over this month, (May 2013), as well. I have been a bit too busy helping people get various health problems and issues resolved, and working on the cancer book that I hope to have published by the 3rd quarter of this year.

    One more thing: I am working on a whole new section of the web site that will be devoted to alternative cancer protocols and approaches that have been shown to actually work and to be effective. The new section begins with a main paged called: “Cancer Keys”. I expect to go live with that this month.

    To your great health!

    Jeff Bell

  2. Jack
    Posted June 9, 2013 at 6:03 am | Permalink

    I only started using DMSO yesterday for the very first time (water mixed with DMSO) – took away my backache within 30 minutes and the effects were still working 12 hours later.

    What I do have a lot more experience with is using MMS to treat major internal joint pains. Pains caused because of bacteria in the body that gets into the joints and then affect the fluid which is in the joint that normally cushions the movement of the joints. When you have this problem one day one joint will be fine, the next day a different one is affected. What MMS did for me is help me kill off a huge number of those bacteria and with it 90% of my joint pains went away.

    When you first take MMS it’s very unpleasant as that’s when the most bacteria die off and as they die it creates a lot of mild side effects. You have to rush to the toilet several times a day, but over time that becomes less of a problem.

    I’m quite sure MMS would have gotten rid of 100% of my joint problems if only I’d taken it as advised – 8 times a day, every day for 3 weeks but it’s pretty hard to stick to that routine. I take it as little as 3 times a week and yet it’s made a huge difference to me.

    The best advice I can give people it to do what I did and go on YouTube and watch the videos of people who have used MMS themselves. If they don’t have links to websites trying to sell you something then chances are they’re genuine.

    When I first looked into MMS I thought the whole thing was too good to be true – but after 2 weeks of research I was curious enough to order some – after it arrived took me a further 2 weeks of research to work up the courage to try it. All I can say is for my joint problems it did more for me in 2 weeks then 2 years of standard medical drugs did and at a fraction of the cost. I can see why drug companies would be scared of people finding out about MMS because it would kill their drugs sales off totally.

    If people are still scared to try MMS then just get some and use it as a mouthwash at first until you feel comfortable with it. It does a great job killing bacteria in the mouth and helps take away various pains in the mouth. And it really does make your teeth look naturally white. Not that fake, ultra bright white you see a lot of celebrities have.

  3. Steve
    Posted August 3, 2013 at 10:26 am | Permalink

    I am considering the use of Carnivora (orally), it contains DMSO . Is this a safe product

    • Jeff Bell
      Posted August 3, 2013 at 11:15 am | Permalink

      Hi Steve,

      I do not have personal experience with Carnivora. However, the research that is available, along with a number of publications about it indicate that it is likely quite safe, as long as you are certain that it is genuine, from the real source ( and that you are using it properly. As far as efficacy goes, that depends on what you are using it for. I am still offering initial free consults so that I may be able to help you to determine your best health options. If this sounds good, e-mail me at: and let me know what you are dealing with and some times that work for you. We will go from there.

      To your great health!

      Jeff Bell

      P.S. DMSO is NOT listed as one of the ingredients in Carnivora, at least not on the official web site for Carnivora. So I am not sure it is an ingredient in Carnivora. If it is, it could be in some other form. Can you share a link that provides more information about this aspect?

  4. William
    Posted March 26, 2015 at 8:42 am | Permalink

    Hi Jeff
    I would appreciate it if you could answer my question. I’m so confused.
    I have been diagnosed with BCC skin cancer that is effecting my total right ear area.
    The top of the ear, the lobe, the edge, behind the ear, plus behind the ear along the crease line, basicly cancer effecting the total right ear area.

    They wanted to do surgery. i.e. cut the ear off

    I do believe in the use of Colloidal Silver. Also the use of MMS. to cur skin cancer.
    I have read so much regarding how to use DMSO along side MMS plus the use of Colloidal Silver to cure skin cancer growths

    I,m so confused. (a) do one apply DMSO to the skin cancer area (first then wait 15 minutes) then apply the MMS. or does one mix the Activated MMS with the DMSO then apply the (total mix) to the sin cancer growth area..
    That would also apply if using a Colloidal Silver solution and DMSO.
    i.e. separately and wait 15 minutes or apply mixed together.
    I have tried both but as said I’m confused when to apply the DMSO.
    I find that using the MMS does seem to cause a burning sensation more than using the Colloidal Silver.

    Appreciation if you can help

    • Jeff Bell
      Posted March 26, 2015 at 10:26 am | Permalink

      Hi William, I am sorry that you are having to deal with this cancer. Cancer is always a challenge, understandably frightening, and usually not easy to deal with.

      I am not going to try and give you directions here because I do not believe that will serve you well. Overcoming cancer is complex and usually requires guidance that is very specific to the person. for several decades now, the focus of my work has been to help people to overcome cancer. That is my primary area of expertise and comprises most of the work that I do. What I have observed and had confirmed by experience over and over again is that all cancers are the result of the immune system being compromised or suppressed, and usually in combination with factors that prompt cancer cells to grow out of control. So the safest and most effective response is to determine what is suppressing the immune system and what is prompting the cancer cells to grow out of control. Then those conditions can be addressed and most of the time, especially if it is early in the course of the cancer, the cancer can be overcome and health restored.

      All over the Internet, one can find recommendations for this or that way to get rid of cancer. The problem is that these are general recommendations, and do not take into account that each person is different and that each of us require an approach that is tailored to address what is going on in our unique bodies and biological conditions. So I think it is actually dangerous to find protocols on the Internet or elsewhere and just follow them. This risk that they are not right for the individual is way too high. And they likely are not comprehensive enough, either. And they do not even take into account the emotional factors that are almost always an issue when dealing with cancer. There is plenty of good science that confirms that the connection between the immune system and the emotional state is powerful and real.

      Further, in common with conventional cancer treatment, (which has a very high failure rate, along with devastating collateral damage and terrible side effects), is that all the focus is on getting rid of the specific cancer cells or growths, and none on addressing the conditions that allowed the cancer to grow out of control in the first place. So the likelihood that the cancer will recur or that a secondary cancer will occur is very high.

      Further, because dealing with cancer is inherently a complex challenge, most who try to figure it out on their own do not do well. I honestly think that is a really dangerous approach and often leads to terrible outcomes.

      So what can I recommend to help you? I suggest you start by using this link to download my overview article on cancer and how to deal with it. That will be a good starting point for you:

  5. William
    Posted March 26, 2015 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    Hi Jeff
    I was referring: Just in case you miss understood applying each solution topically.
    By topically applying the MMS + DMSO to the cancer growth area.

    (a) Giving a 15 minute wait between applying the two solutions.
    (b) mixing the two solutions together then applying the mixed solution topically onto the cancer growths..

    The 15 minute wait is my concern i.e. if it is correct or not?.


    • Jeff Bell
      Posted March 26, 2015 at 3:41 pm | Permalink

      Hi William, with all due respect, I think you are missing the general point I was trying to make. Cancer is dangerous and complex. Overcoming it safely and successfully almost always requires a comprehensive approach that is focused on much, much more than just killing some errant cells. I think you are putting yourself at risk not to look at the big picture. That is just my opinion, but it is based on decades of experience with many hundreds of clients.

      That said, as long as you observe really good hygiene and use very pure DMSO and good quality MMS I don’t think it matter if you separate the two or use them together. But again, I hope you are looking at what allowed the cancer to grow in the first place and what factors or conditions must be changed so that it cannot happen again. That gets complex.

      To your great health.


  6. William
    Posted March 27, 2015 at 5:32 am | Permalink

    Hi Jeff
    Thank you for your reply.

    I do understand what caused my skin cancer.

    I have had lots of skin cancer problems effecting different parts of my body.
    I would say the reason why I got the skin cancer in the first place was because as a young man I was a sun worshiper plus I worked as a bricklayer working out in the open most of the year round, in the summer never applying sun blocker to my skin plus hardly ever wearing a vest and loved getting sun tanned, as a young man one did.them silly things i.e. now paying for it,
    In the 60s one never or hardly heard of skin cancer it was a new thing then..
    I then drove a truck for a living and that is where I believe the sun caused the most skin cancer damage effecting my right ear, the sun getting magnified penetrating deep into my skin through the the glass of the drivers door..
    I also had skin cancer in the same area by my left ear but that was not deep and that easily cleared up with treatment.
    The right ear was facing the sun i.e. with the sun shining through the drivers glass door all day long.I believe magnifying it, is what caused the skin cancer to penetrate deep into and around my right ear area. Plus from the years early on being a sun worshiper. loving getting suntanned..
    i.e. i am very dubious of the sun know

    William .

    • Jeff Bell
      Posted March 27, 2015 at 6:59 am | Permalink

      Hi William, what you say is possible, but again with all due respect, I wold say not very likely. If your immune system is functioning properly, and if your toxic load is low and your anti-oxidant level high, no amount of sun exposure short of repeated extreme sunburns should cause skin cancer.

      Further, what the mainstream medical sector has told us about the sun and skin cancer has mostly turned out not to be accurate. And this is not just me sharing my opinion. There is a lot of research to support that statement. We don’t see much of it in this country, but that is because it runs counter to what conventional medicine tells us. Please keep in mind that human beings evolved and survived for millenia before there was much in the way of sun-blocking clothing or chemicals.

      So you can focus on killing this particular overgrowth of cancer cells and that might even be wise. But I would suggest that unless you also pay attention to and take care of the underlying problems that made you vulnerable to cancer in the first place, and that are likely still there, the risk of recurrences will remain high.

      These principles are summarized in my article, “The Cancer Trap, And How You Can Break Free”. I recommend that you read it if you have not, already. You can download it free of charge under the Cancer Keys TAB on this web site. I am working on an update for the article, which is already a few years old. The update will add some new information and discuss some new research, but the core principles in the existing edition are still valid and will help you to better understand what I have been sharing with you in this conversation.

      To your great health!

  7. Ray
    Posted May 5, 2015 at 9:08 am | Permalink

    I like your post. I can remember my mom using DMSO for aches and inflamed muscles. I tried it the other day and it works but my skin felt a burn sensation and it got irritated. I was wondering if I can mix it with distilled water, at what %? And is it ok to use a cotton ball to put it on with for soreness. Thanks in advanced for your reply.

    • Jeff Bell
      Posted May 5, 2015 at 9:45 am | Permalink

      Hi Ray,

      Yes, it does work, but it can irritate skin, including causing some itching. You could dilute it with distilled water, but that will greatly lessen its efficacy. Instead, I use it full-strength, and mixing it with very high quality organic sulfur in the form of pure MSM, that has NO additives, whatsoever. (I have great quality organic sulfur on this site.) And then a few hours after I apply it, I apply some pure, organic aloe vera gel to the skin. That gets rid of any irritation and soreness in my skin.

      To your great health!

      Jeff Bell

  8. jerry a
    Posted March 24, 2017 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    I have tried dmso for my right per tendenitis in foot and inflamation and soreness seems to remain the same. Granted i have been continuing to use foot. What im using is 99.9 percent pure gel . I alse use arnica, emu, frankensence, magnesium, peppermint, oils and glucosamine, msm cream, and several homiopathic creams to no avail. Continues to stay inflamed and sore. Any thoughts?

    • Jeff Bell
      Posted March 31, 2017 at 6:15 pm | Permalink

      Hi Jerry,

      DMSO Gel does NOT work very well. That is not the optimal form or way to use it. Instead, try using 99.9% pure, pharmaceutical grade DMSO, with NO additives, and with very good quality, pure MSM dissolved in it. The MSM must be in flake or crystal form, distilled from plant lignum, and 100% free of additives. The ratio is 3 ounces of the DMSO to 1 tablespoon of the MSM.

      When I am trying to heal a bruise or other soft tissue injury I apply this every other day. On the in between days I apply some pure aloe vera gel to soothe the skin, which the DMSO can irritate.

      If your injury remains sore it may warrant a professional evaluation.

      Hope that helps.

      To your great health!

      Jeff Bell

    • CrankyOtter
      Posted July 4, 2017 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

      Vitamin K2 clears up tendinitis. Try 100-1000 Micrograms of MK-4 &/or MK-7 versions of K2 with up to 5000mg of D3 for a week. If you start to feel better, keep taking it for a while, than as needed. Fixed my systemic tendinitis. If you are on blood thinners, check with your doc. Blood thinners block the recycling of vitamin K (K1 for clotting). Probably still ok but use lowest dose.

      (I’m an engineer, not a doctor. But 12 or more doctors & therapists failed to fix my overwhelming tendinitis, so there’s that.)

      • Jeff Bell
        Posted September 11, 2017 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

        Hello CrankyOtter,

        Thanks for your post. I just want to correct one thing: D3 is measured in i.u. or “International Units” and not mg or milligrams as is the standard measure for many other vitamins and supplements. Also, for most adults, 5,000 iu of D3 is not likely to be enough. You want your blood level to be in the range of 95 to 105. 5,000 iu will not get most of us there. For an average-sized adults I recommend 5,000 iu 3 times a day. Then test it after a month and adjust if you are not between 95 and 105.

        To your great health!


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