Is There Poison In Your Mouth? Jaw-Dropping Video!!

Thrive-JeffBell_Close_Cropped_Headshot_10-29-2013There is a raging controversy between the conventional dental industry and most holistic health practitioners.  And as the evidence mounts more and more practitioners in the conventional health sector are siding with the holistic health practitioners.

I’m talking about mercury amalgam fillings.  While there are many who claim that concerns about the health dangers of mercury are not based on solid science, there is mounting evidence to strongly suggest that mercury is highly detrimental to one’s health.

There are two primary reasons why this issue remains so controversial and why definitive proof seems so elusive:

1.  The damage that the mercury does is in most cases gradual and significant time must elapse before definitive symptoms can be observed or experienced.  For example, mercury amalgam fillings may be in place for years and years.  Gradually the patient experiences increasing levels of arthritis, or perhaps MS or another neurological or auto-immune disease.  Because of the elapsed time between the implant of the fillings and the surfacing of the symptoms, it can be challenging to make a definite causal link.

2.  The American Dental Association, which is really more of  a trade group than a consumer safety group, lobbies hard and fast to suppress research, evidence and other information that could help to decide this issue.  Part of the reason that they do this is because mercury amalgam fillings are extremely easy to install.  Fillings made from the safer alternatives, such as composites, require a great deal more skill and technique.  So many dentists would need extensive re-training were mercury amalgam fillings to be outlawed.

It is interesting to note that the safety regulations for handling the new mercury amalgam materials, as well as the waste from procedures in the dental offices are very stringent.  The law requires that be handled very carefully as the toxic material that it clearly is.  And yet it is deemed safe to install in the human mouth?  I don’t get it.

Here is a personal experience I had with amalgams:  In the early 1990s I became quite ill.  I tried everything that I knew from all my years of study and practice of holistic health.  I made occasional temporary improvements, only to relapse to being often too sick to get out of bed.

After about a year of trying all kinds of things to no avail, and nearing the point of giving up in despair I was advised by one of my more brilliant holistic health teachers to get a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.  (Here is the link for that test.)

The results came back showing high levels of mercury.  Over the next 6 months I had all of the mercury amalgam fillings removed from my mouth.  I had 16 of them.  And most had been in place for more than 25 years.  (Unfortunately, I did not take great care of my teeth as a kid.)

At the same time, I used some of the “standard” holistic mercury detox protocols.  Within about 1 months of having the last of the mercury amalgam fillings removed, I began to get better.  Within 2 months I was back at work, full-time and even back to sports and normal activities again.

At this point I am convinced that mercury should NEVER be placed in the body under any circumstances.  And if you are not convinced, how about following the “precautionary principle”, which states that we should avoid things that are not adequately proven to be safe until they are.  That is good enough for me.

In case I need further evidence, I can rely on the experiences of my clients, who have had previously intractable health problems resolved very quickly after having their mercury amalgam fillings removed.

ONE CAUTION:  There are very specific protocols to follow in the course of safely removing mercury fillings.  This should only be done by an experienced and properly trained holistic dentist.  I recommend that you talk with some of their patients and see what their experiences were in having this done before you select a dentist to do this work for you.  If done improperly, it can actually make your health much worse instead of better.  Also, be advised that it can be quite costly.  There are some clinics in Mexico and elsewhere outside the U.S.A. that do this work very well, and at a fraction of the cost for having it done in the U.S.A.

Here is a link to a very interesting news story on this subject:  It is interesting to note that this story was only aired once on 60 Minutes, and never aired again.  Many believe that the American Dental Association used it’s commercial, political and legal muscle to bury the story.

60 Minutes Story – “Is There Poison In Your Mouth?”

Part 1 of 3 – Total 24:41 Minutes

Part II

Part III

I am grateful to James P. Roguski, publisher of “Your Doctor Is  Liar”, for pointing me to these terrific and hard-to-find videos about this amazing story.  I also highly recommend checking out his web site:

I also highly recommend reading his free book by the same title – “Your Doctor Is A Liar”. It is available as a completely free download on his site.

Both are excellent sources of uncommon, but highly valuable and practical holistic health information.  I particularly value James’ approach and writings as all of it achieves the magical balance of being in understandable, plain English and yet including the solid science relevant to the topic.  This is truly an amazing work!

To your great health!

Jeff Bell

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  1. Bill Sanders
    Posted September 14, 2010 at 12:05 pm | Permalink

    Jeff, Thanks for the excellent article and videos. I had 2 amalgam fillings replaced earlier this year and my Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis showed my mercury level as low, but why take any chances. You have motivated me to make an appointment and get the remaining 2 fillings removed NOW.

    • admin
      Posted September 15, 2010 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

      If one has the means to get the mercury out I always think it prudent. Just be sure that you have a dentist who really knows how to do it properly. They must take very careful measures to make sure that none of the amalgam that they remove gets into yuor body. They also need to keep the filling cool while they are drilling it out so that it doesn’t heat up and release more mercury vapor. And you should be breathing oxygen through a nasal canula during the entire procedure.

      Although in the absence of specific conditions that are known to be linked to mercury exposure, such as MS, autism, etc. it is difficult to know for sure, there is a good chance that a number of your existing health issues will be significantly improved by getting the last of the mercury fillings out of your mouth. Even though your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis did not show really high levels of mercury, there are other ways in which amalgam fillings damage health.

  2. peggy amaral
    Posted June 15, 2015 at 6:59 pm | Permalink

    Can you recommend a dentist in Mexico who would properly remove the root canals and amalgams. The cost is so prohibitive here in California. but I would love to get them out. Parts of my teeth have broken off around the amalgam fillings on 3 teeth and I know I have to do something soon, but I don’t want to go to a regular dentist.
    Thank you so much for your dedication to bringing out the truth so that we can take charge of our own health. Your approach is honest and genuine and intelligent and I am blessed to have stumbled across your site.

    • Jeff Bell
      Posted June 24, 2015 at 8:04 am | Permalink

      Hi Peggy,

      I am not sure which dentists in Mexico are currently doing really good work. I do have two recommendations:

      1. I would call a couple of the good cancer clinics in Mexico, for example, Oasis Of Hope in Tijuana, ( ) and see who they recommend.

      2. I am working on an article that outlines a number of crucial dentistry procedures, including removal of mercury-silver amalgams, and details how to do them with maximum safety and benefit. I am finding that even so-called “biological dentists” often don’t know some of the information I am including. I will post this as soon as I have it ready. Should be about a month or so. I am leading several workshops over the next 5 weeks, so I can’t get the dentistry article finished any sooner.

      To your great health!


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