How To Protect Yourself From The Damage From Wireless Technology

Jeff_Bell_Headshot_06-07-2015_Cropped It’s no secret that most of us these days are surrounded by an unprecedented, very high level of electro-magnetic radiation from the wireless technology that is literally just about everywhere.

Think about it: Cell phones, cordless phones, BlueTooth everywhere, (even in our cars now), microwaves, cordless headsets, WiFi to our computers and tablets, and so on.

In this brief blog post I am going to address the most practical measures we can employ to reduce the health harm that all this wireless technology is causing on an ongoing basis.

Practical Measures:
The first and most obvious measure is to reduce your exposure and that of your family and loved ones. The health harm caused by most electro-magnetic radiation and wireless technology is cumulative. So the more you can eliminate and/or reduce in you environment the better.

For example, if you have a wireless router at home, consider powering it completely down when it is not in use. This is especially important at night when you are sleeping. That is when your liver goes into its methylation cycle, which the EMF from wireless technology, especially routers, disrupts.

This can profoundly affect your health, and not in a good way!

If possible, consider replacing your wireless router with a wired router. We have quite a bit of computer equipment in our home and in our office. All of it is wired. We have no wireless technology at all. This is sometimes slightly less convenient, but it is worth it for the health benefits.

If you have cordless phones, I recommend putting them in the recycle bin and replacing them with the older style of corded phones.

If you have a microwave oven, I would recommend replacing it with a good electric toaster oven. Microwave ovens put out an insane amount of EMF. They also turn some foods quite toxic and destroy the nutrients in others. We have a very good toaster oven, and use Pyrex glass baking dishes in it to heat leftovers and to bake fresh salmon. Yum! It is not quite as fast as the microwave we got rid of years ago, nor quite as convenient. But the food tastes so much better and is so much healthier. The whole environment is healthier without that darned microwave oven.

If you currently use a Bluetooth headset, I would get rid of it. The evidence is rapidly piling up that Bluetooth headsets either cause brain cancers or at least increase the risks!

Instead, I recommend using a good quality, wired headset.

Unfortunately, Bluetooth technology is more and more common. It is hard to get away from it. For example, many newer cars have Bluetooth technology built in and there is no practical way to disable it.

In general, do everything you reasonably can to reduce the EMF in your daily life and environment.

For those who want to understand the science behind EMF risks and health damage at a deeper level, there is a link at the end of this blog post to a very detailed blog post.

Of course I recommend that you do all you can to reduce and/or eliminate the EMF from your daily life and environment.

How To Protect Yourself From The Remaining EMF:
No matter how hard to try, there will be some EMF that you cannot eliminate. This includes things like a neighbor’s wireless router, a cell tower that may be near to your home or place of work, etc.

There are devices and technologies that can reduce the effects from the EMF that we can’t eliminate. There are basically two approaches to this:

One is to try to block the EMF from ever getting to your body. I have not seen this approach be effective except in very special circumstances. For example, you can shield a wall in your office and ground the shielding. There are other ways that shielding can be useful. This approach is usually complex and expensive and requires expert help to implement.

The second approach is to try and transmute the EMF to a form that is not harmful. In most cases, this is the approach I recommend. There are small devices that can be attached to a cell phone, kept in a pocket, or placed next to a computer screen that will do the job.

There are a number of companies that make such devices. Out of all of them that I have tried and tested, I have found the ones from Floww Technologies, in the Netherlands, to be the best. I have tried quite a few other such devices, and many do not seem to work at all. The rest work to some extent. But the Floww devices seem to work significantly better and deliver results that are clearly superior.

There are several different Floww devices to address the different needs.

The mobileFloww® is for cell phones, tablets and similar devices. This small device comes with adhesive to attach to the back of your cell phone or tablet.

The screenFloww® is for mitigating the EMF from computer screens, including laptops. This device sits on your desk, next to your computer screen or laptop.

The personalFloww® is to keep on your person and provide protection wherever you are. It is about the size of a typical lipstick applicator and can be kept in a pants pocket, a bra, or elsewhere on your person.

Floww also provide a whole house system. This is called the homeFloww®. This is an extended system designed to protect the whole household.

I like these devices so much, and find them to be so much more effective than any others that I have tried or tested that I wanted to make them as easy as possible for my clients and followers to get. Towards that end I have an arrangement with Floww Technology, allowing you to buy the devices at a discount.

When you place an order with Floww, if you enter the discount code: JeffBell you will get free shipping. Since Floww is located in the Netherlands and ships all orders from there, the free shipping discount can be substantial.

Besides getting the best EMF protection that I know of, you will be doing good. Each purchase made using my discount code: JeffBell results in a small donation into my research fund by Floww.

Note that when you order from Floww the pricing will be displayed in Euros. It will be automatically converted into U.S. Dollars, or your local currency during the check-out process. That is also when the shipping costs will be zeroed out if you use the discount code: JeffBell.

The International exchange rate fluctuates daily. If you want to know ahead of checkout what the price in U.S. Dollars will be, you can use this link to convert the prices:

You can order just one device or system, or as many as you need. In our household we have a total of 6 devices. My wife and I each have a mobileFloww® for our cell phones, a screenFloww® for our computers and a personalFloww® to carry on our persons as much of the time as possible. Our home and offices are quite well shielded as a result of my previous work with EMF, before I found out about the Floww technology.  Further, we managed to talk our nearest neighbors into getting rid of their wireless routers. Otherwise, we would also have the homeFloww® kit installed on our home.

Keep in mind that the Floww web site may be first displayed in Dutch because the company is located in the Netherlands. If so, Click the EN Icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and it will switch to an English version of the page. You may need to do that again on some the other pages on the site.

Here is the link to the home page:

Once on the site, you can access Research, Radiation, Company, etc. to learn more about the technology.

Before you select any of the Floww devices to purchase, it will help if you create an account on the Floww website. Trying to create the account, on-the-fly, after you already have items in the shopping cart is a more difficult way to order. Doing so may head you into translation issues between Dutch and English. Save yourself trouble and create an account, first.

When you are ready to order, Click the Products TAB and select the specific devices you wish to order.

Here are the details and direct links for each of the devices and kits listed above in this blog post: (Note: You can use the general link above, the Click the Products TAB or you can use the specific links for each device listed below.)

mobileFloww® : This is a small, “stick-on” device that can be attached to the back of your cell phone or tablet. Here is a link to the page where you can learn the specific details about the device and where you can order one:

Note that the illustration on the web site shows a person holding the cell phone, with the mobileFloww® device attached, up to the side of her head. I do not recommend that. The mobileFloww® device does the best job of any such devices that I know of in terms of protecting the user from the harm that EMF otherwise causes. However, none of this technology can be guaranteed to render a cell phone completely safe and harmless. So I highly recommend using your cell phone on speaker, or with a wired headset. Keep the cell phone well away from your body whenever possible, especially when it is in use.

The price for the mobileFloww® is 49 Euros. This corresponds to $54.67 U.S. Dollars as of 08/11/2016.

screenFloww® : This is a small cylinder and integrated stand, which you would place near your computer screen or laptop while you are using it.

The price for the screenFloww® is 169 Euros. This corresponds to $188.58 U.S. Dollars as of 08/11/2016.

personalFloww® : This is a cylinder approximately the size of the lipstick case. It comes in two sizes, small and medium. The small one is appropriate for children under 12 and for small adults. The medium size is appropriate for older, larger children and average size adults and larger adults.

The price for the personalFloww® is 275 Euros. This corresponds to $306.86 U.S. Dollars as of 08/11/2016.

homeFloww® : This is an entire kit that can be used to protect a home or office. This is the only one of these products that consists of several components. Here are the basic components that make up this kit:

1. bioFloww® :
Wooden base (pyramid – shaped) with stainless steel antenna of 65 cm.

2. geoFloww® :
Wooden base (pyramid – shaped) with stainless steel antenna of 65 cm.

3. heatingFloww® :
This is an approximately 10 cm wide stainless steel antenna with stainless
steel mounting points. This product is attached to the heating network.

4. electroFloww® :
This is an approximately 15 cm wide stainless steel antenna. This product is
attached to the electricity grid.

5. aquaFloww® :
This is an approximately 20 cm wide stainless steel antenna. This product
is attached to the water supply system.

6. tie-wraps :
The homeFloww® kit includes 8 tie-wraps, 6 tie-wraps to attach the heating,
electro and aquaFloww® plus 2 extra tie-wraps.

Detailed instructions for deploying and installing the components are included. They are also available at the following link:

The price for the homeFloww® is 1,350 Euros. This corresponds to $1,506.42 U.S. Dollars as of 08/11/2016.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or if I can be of further help in any way.

Remember that you can find a lot more detail about EMF and how it relates to health, as well as the science behind these devices in this blog post: The Serious Toxin You Can’t See – Electro Magnetic Pollution/

For clients in the European Union, Floww also offers on-site EMF analysis. If you are in the U.S.A. there are a number of environmental consultants and engineers who can provide this service. Contact me for details if you are interested in this service.

To your great health!

Jeff Bell

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    You are amazing I just started following you! I’m going to see what I can do to switch over to a wired router I love watching your YouTube videos you truly care God bless

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