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Disclaimer:   By opening this statement, reading it from top to bottom and then clicking the “I Agree Button” I acknowledge that I have read and understood this disclaimer. By such actions, I further agree to abide by any and all terms contained in this statement.

Any and all materials found on this web site, www.myhealthoptimizer.com, have been created and made available to the public for educational purposes, only. Although the MyHealthOptimizer.com staff, authors and all others involved in the research, writing, editing and all other work or preparation towards the creation and publication of these materials have exercised their due diligence to maximize accuracy, and minimize errors, omissions and errors are still possible. The statements published on the www.myhealthoptimizer.com web site, or otherwise disseminated via this site, have not been evaluated by the FDA, nor by any government agencies charged with protecting public health, or otherwise regulating professional health care practice and/or delivery of such services.

It is the goal of this site to promote and increase general health awareness and education, and to help people using the www.myhealthoptimizer.com web site to increase their knowledge of important health issues. The materials and information contained within or referenced by this site are provided for educational purposes only.

In addition to acknowledging and accepting the above disclaimer statement, as a visitor to the www.myhealthoptimizer.com web site, I acknowledge and agree to the following conditions and terms of use:

I understand that MyHealthOptimizer.com’s principals and/or staff, including the principals and staff of its affiliate organization, Willow Bend, including but not limited to Jeffrey Alan Bell, are not licensed physicians, and accordingly do not diagnose, prescribe for or treat in any manner whatsoever, any type of medical condition or disease state. If and when dealing with serious or potentially serious medical conditions it is recommended that an appropriately licensed health care professional be consulted.

Any subsequent physical, mental and/or related changes or improvements I may experience result from the body’s natural ability to heal itself and/or natural biological processes. For medical diagnosis, prescribing, or treatment, I understand that it is recommended that I consult a licensed physician. MyHealthOptimizer.com, it’s staff, and the staff of its affiliate organization, Willow Bend, cannot and does not assume any liability or responsibility for the health or related status or outcomes of visitors to and/or users of this site or the materials made public on it. No warranty or liability is expressed or implied.

Materials published on this site may be freely distributed to others provided as long as the following conditions are maintained:

1. It must be acknowledged by anyone distributing materials contained within this site, that they are being distributed for educational purposes, only.
2. Sources, authorship and copyright information and related statements and/or attributions included in the original materials must be included in any such copied or distributed materials in legally unaltered form.

3. Documents and materials obtained from this site may only be distributed if done so in their entirety and in unaltered form.

4. The materials on this site may not be distributed by others for monetary gain.

By clicking the “I Agree Button” I acknowledge that I have read and understood this disclaimer. By such actions, I further confirm that I will abide by any and all terms contained in this statement.

If I have concerns, questions about this disclaimer, liability use of materials, purpose of material and/or statement of terms of use, I will such e-mail to:


for further clarification and/or discussion prior to continuing to use this site or its materials.

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