Exciting Vitamin D Research – Participants Needed !!

Thrive-JeffBell_Close_Cropped_Headshot_10-29-2013I just learned of a new project that gives us all an opportunity to significantly improve our immune systems, and at the same time participate in valuable research about Vitamin D and its relationship to the immune system.

The timing is perfect.  I am just about to release a new article on how to protect yourself against the Swine flu as well as other flus and pathogenic threats without submitting to the very dangerous vaccines that are being promoted.  (Shamelessly promoted in the name of profits over health, and without regard for safety or efficacy.)

A major component of my immune strategy is to optimze my vitamin D level.   All the best current research strongly points to the crucial role that optimum vitamin D levels play in maintaining a healthy immune system.

However, optimizing one’s vitamin D level requires testing at least every 6 months.  Many people either do not have access to the tests, or would need to get a test requisition from a doctor in order to get tested.   This is a nuisance and an extra expense just when most of us don’t need extra expenses.

Partly to participate in this safe and exciting research project and partly to avoid the expense and hassle of an otherwise-unneeded doctor’s visit, I just joined the research project.  This means that without seeing a doctor I can get a vitamin D test twice each year.  What’s more, they use the same lab that I use and recommend for hormone balancing – ZRT Labs, which I know to be one of the best in the world.

The cost is $65.00 twice a year for the testing as long as you are a participant.  (This was the price for the testing as of 1/1/2010.  Be sure to check as the price may have changed by the time you order your test.)  The sample can be taken in your own home.  It’s easy and it’s a safe way to optimize your vitamin D level, which in turn will dramatically improve your immune system’s functionality.

What a deal!  Here’s the Web Address to join the program:


If you prefer not to join the Vitamin D research project you can simply order a test kit by Clicking the “Buy Now” Button below.  The test is slightly more expensive that way, but it may be more convenient.  You do not even need to get a requisition signed by a doctor.  You can easily use the kit and prepare the sample from the convenience of your own home.

It is possible that you can look around and find a test for less, but by the time you add the cost of getting a doctor to sign for it, that may not pay.  If you do get your test elsewhere be sure it is a genuine test for accurate blood levels of vitamin D following these guidelines:

There are two vitamin D blood spot tests:  1,25(OH)D and 25(OH)D.   25(OH)D is the better marker of overall D status.

The correct test is 25(OH)D, also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D.  Click the button below to buy your test kit directly from Labrix, a nationally recognized, high-standard lab.


To your health!

Jeff Bell

P.S.  Be on the lookout for a new article on protecting yourself from the Swine flu and other such threats.  It will be included in our newsletter, which will be out any day now.

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  1. dez
    Posted May 1, 2012 at 3:22 pm | Permalink

    Dr F R Klenner (deceased) worked with vitamin C for over 40 years and cured almost every virus afflicting man. Two interesting, ‘comments, Dr klenner, ‘the only mistakes I’ve made in the use of vitamin C is not using enough,’ in answer to how much to use, he said, ‘what ever it takes’. In the late 1940’s He cured 60 of 60 polio cases he saw.

    • Jeff Bell
      Posted May 1, 2012 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

      Thanks for your excellent comment. I have not directly studied the work of Dr. Klenner, but I have studied the owrk of Dr. Linus Pauling, whose work was parallel in many ways. In fact, my several aspects of my 2-part vitamin C article is based directly on the research and clinical work of Dr. Pauling. However, there is a challenge with vitamin C for most people. And that is simply that achieving the blood serum and even cellular levels of vitamin C that Dr. Pauling and Dr. Klenner researched and advocated is just not that easy. It is nearly impossible to do via the oral route simply because the limits of bowel tolerance will stop most people long before they reach the desired level. Of course, using an intravenous protocol gets one around that limitation. But that leads to the problems of costs, discomfort and lack of convenience for most of us. (Those who are properly trained and able to administer their own IV vitamin C can at least get around the covenience factor to some extent. But the cost and discomfort still pose barriers.)

      Fortunately, there is a new player in the world of vitamin C that was not available when Dr. Klenner and Dr. Pauling were doing their research: That is “liposoomal vitamin C”. I will shortly have a new blog post on this. It represents a true breakthrough for vitmain C and several other crucial nutrients, vitamins and supplements. You will want to check back here in a week and learn about this new technology if you don’t already know about it.

      I’m just curious: How much vitamin C do you take per day? And in what form do you take it?

      Two more things to keep in mind: The vitamin C needs to be paired with a high-quality and highly bioavailable B-Complex to be maximally effective. And I would also say that vitamin C does NOT take the place of vitamin D. Vitamin D is more than just a vitamin. It plays a major role in regulating the immune system, among other crucial biological functions. And it helps to prevent many cancers, including skin cancer.

      To your great health!

      Jeff Bell

  2. Luis Tovar
    Posted January 15, 2015 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    I get my blood tests from lfe.org (life extension) no doctor needed…I usually wait for their blood test sale and cost about $35 (vitamin D)…the only catch is you have to buy membership for a year ($25-$75)….

    keep up the good work and research JEFF!!!

    • Jeff Bell
      Posted April 7, 2015 at 12:29 am | Permalink

      Hi Luis,

      That sounds great. My vitamin D tests are more expensive, but no doctor is required. And you can do it yourself at home, (prepare the sample to send in, that is.) It is about as simple as the way someone with diabetes checks their blood sugar. No paid memberships required. I do them through Grass Roots Health because I want to support their work. They are the largest study in the world on the use of Vitamin D3 for optimum immune system function and overall health. And they do NOT accept any funding from Big Pharma so that they can be completely honest about their findings.


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