Hate Swallowing All Those Supplements? There Is An Easier Way…


Most of us who are paying attention to our health these days end up taking a number of supplements at least once every day.  I don’t know about you, but I have always disliked trying to swallow all those capsules and tablets.

I hated the way my throat felt – lightly sand-papered.

I hated the occasional acid reflux I would experience after taking all those pills, one at a time.

Sometimes my discomfort built to such a level that I would simply skip my supplements.

Maybe you can relate.  If you want to learn a better way, read on…

What if I told you that swallowing up to 7 pills all at once would be easier than the old way of taking them one at a time?  You’d say I was nuts, right?  Hang with me for a bit longer.

There are a couple of tricks to it, but this simple method absolutely works.  I use it several times each day to take my supplements.  It works!  And it has made it much easier and more pleasant for us to take our daily supplements.  I find it actually easier and less stressful to use this method to swallow up to 8 supplements at once than using my old method of swallowing them one at a time.  I expect you to be skeptical.  But if you try it, carefully following the directions below, I think you’ll be amazed to find that it works and is actually a much more pleasant way to take your supplements.

Here’s how:

The first step is to overcome your fear.  If you’re like me the idea of putting up to 7 pills in your mouth all at once and trying to swallow them is scary.  Here are a couple of simple measures to eradicate the fear.  (You probably only need to do this the first few times, then your record of success will replace any fear with confidence.)

First do this simple experiment with head position in relation to swallowing:  Keep your head in the level position, looking straight ahead.  Accumulate a batch of saliva in your mouth and swallow it.  Gather another mouthful of saliva.  This time tip your head back the way most of us do when trying to swallow pills.  Swallow the saliva.

Did you notice how much more difficult it was to swallow the saliva with your head tipped back?  That is because when your head it tipped back your throat flattens, making it far more difficult to swallow anything.   So now we know that we need to hold our head level when swallowing.  This is counter-intuitive; you will need to pay attention to it until it becomes habit.

Next, we could use a little mental confidence to help convince us that we can really do this.  I got my initial confidence from the person who taught me this method, James Stevens, the founder of Jet Kinesiology.  (I’ll tell you a little more about him later in this article.)  James started by pointing out that 7 capsules or tablets is roughly equivalent to a typical mouthful of food that we are used to swallowing.  So this is not the stretch that it might at first seem to be.  He also shared with me that he taught his 4 year old daughter to do this, and she does it easily several times a day to take her supplements.  So, I say, out loud, “If James’ 4 year old daughter can do this so can I!”

Ready?  Let’s try it:

1.  Get your supplements out and arranged into groups of 7 tablets or capsules.

2.  Take a good swallow of water to lubricate your esophagus.

3.  Put up to 7 of your supplement pills in your mouth.

4.  Without swallowing yet, take another mouthful of the water.

5.  Swish the water and supplements around in your mouth for 2 or 3 seconds.

(This softens them and makes them easier to swallow.)

6.  Make sure your head is level and not tilted back.

7.  Swallow the supplements along with the mouthful of water.

8.  Take 3 more drinks of water to rinse your esophagus.

I was a little bit nervous about doing this the first few times I tried it.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how easy and comfortable it was.  I don’t think I’ll have any more trouble or resistance taking my supplements from now on.

I also want to share with you a little about James Stevens.  He is the founder of Jet Kinesiology, which is a system for very accurate and precise muscle testing.  His school  teaches people the Jet Kinesiology method.  I am currently studying this method to increase the accuracy and consistency of my muscle testing.  (For many years, I have used muscle testing to help myself, my family and my clients determine the best supplements, health regimens and more.)

I find the Jet Methods for testing and for learning how to do better and more accurate testing are elegant and precise.  I would encourage anyone who wants to empower themselves to take better control of their own health and to take advantage of the inherent wisdom of their own body to look into the Jet Kinesiology method.  Whether for your own use, or use in a professional practice, I think this is a very valuable approach.  Not only that, the lessons work and they are fun.  Here is the link to learn more:


Please feel free to share your feedback with me: jeff@myhealthoptimizer.com

Also, if you know of anyone who regularly needs to take lots of pills, please feel free to share this post with them.  Think of all the pills that AIDS patients take if they are on conventional therapy.  Imagine how much easier this simple trick could make their lives…

To your great health!

Jeff Bell

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  1. Lark
    Posted November 6, 2010 at 7:14 am | Permalink

    I just pour the contents of the various capsules into my smoothie!

    • admin
      Posted November 6, 2010 at 7:41 am | Permalink

      Certainly that’s a perfectly valid and generally easy solution. Thanks for suggesting it. In my case, I don’t drink smoothies so it would not be practical for me. Also, depending on the type of supplements there may be reasons to keep some of them separate until just before they are digested and absorbed. And unless you blend for a really long time there may be some supplements that, such as those that are compressed rather than encapsulated that do not pulverize in the blender very readily.

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