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Welcome to our Resources Page. Here you will find an ever-growing list of books, DVDs, CDs, as well as other sources of information, guidance, and related tools to help you in your quest for optimal health and wellness.

Each resource listed here includes a thumbnail sketch of the content and/or subject matter, followed by a brief review. These are resources that we personally have used and can wholeheartedly recommend. In many cases, we have done additional research to find corroboration of the information. At the end of each review you will find a convenient link to learn more or to obtain the specific resource. And we welcome your comments, questions and feedback. Thanks!

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An Hour Of Fitness In Just 10 Minutes? Is It Possible?

These days, with so many of us having busier schedules than we would like, too often it is hard to find the time to maintain the level of fitness that we would like. As a 65 year old former athlete, whose body has a lot of hard miles on it, I am all too aware […]

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The World’s Best Coffee For Coffee Enemas

Recently, there has been more attention on both the safety and efficacy of coffee enemas and there usefulness in helping to overcome a number of serious illnesses, including cancer and a number of forms of liver disease. In the near future, I will be posting on article that includes everything you need to know to […]

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Looking For Real CBD Oil At A Fair Price?

These days, lots of people are looking for a good source for a specific type of hemp oil, or cannabis oil, which has been shown to help people who are dealing with cancer.  There are many sources, and a lot of conflicting information.  The type of hemp oil for this purpose is known as “CBD […]

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A True Miracle Mineral – Magnesium

Every once I a while I find out about a natural health protocol that is truly a breakthrough.  Magnesium is such a find.  It turns out that effectively boosting bioavailable magnesium levels for most of us provides dramatic health benefits.  In fact, it is fair to say that some of the benefits go beyond dramatic […]

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What You Need To Know About Calcium Supplements

For years we have heard that to maintain healthy bones we all need calcium supplements.  But is this true? And if it is true, what supplements should we use, and how much? The fact is that more and more information is surfacing that ties improper calcium supplementation with increased risk and occurrence of strokes and heart […]

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Stressed By Legal Issues?

Two of the biggest sources of ongoing stress I have seen in our modern day society are legal and financial problems.  I have a few posts on this site about relieving financial stress.  This one is about relieving legal stress. If you are in the right you should win in court, right?  Unfortunately, that is […]

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A Crucial Missing Nutrient – Sulfur

I have posted important information about organic sulfur in several previous posts on this blog.  Since posting the most recent of them I have received a number of new questions, which I want to address here. Let’s start with a bit of deeper background than you’ll find in my previous blog posts about sulfur: Why […]

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“Vultures’ Picnic” – Caution Your Banker May Be Hazardous To Your Health

This web site is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones to overcome your most serious health challenges.  Or if you already enjoy good health, helping you to maintain and even further improve your health.   The financial stress that currently arises for most of us from the unrestrained corruption and wholesale greed that are […]

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Organic Sulfur – A Super Detox And Metabolic Support Agent

Since the advent of commercial agriculture, and particularly chemical synthetic fertilizers, a key ingredient of human health has gone missing from the human diet.  This is Organic Sulfur. Our livers must have it in order to detoxify our bodies properly.  Our cells must have it in order to generate the energy we need to be […]

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A Safe, Effective and Simple Emotional Detox – EFT or “Emotional Freedom Technique”

It seems that there is more and more need to find ways to eliminate the stress and pain of negative emotions in our daily lives.  And when we are in unusually difficult circumstances or emergency situations, this need is even greater. Some people ignore this need, usually with highly detrimental health effects.  Others spend lots […]

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A Simple, Practical Heavy Metal Detox

Most people are exposed to many toxic chemicals and heavy metals on a daily basis through the foods we eat, products we use, water we drink, and the air we breathe. Once in the body, heavy metals and toxic chemicals multiply the production of harmful free radicals (by up to one million times) and may […]

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A High Quality, Effective Adrenal Support Supplement

Adreno-Lyph-Plus, made by Nutri-West is one of the best quality and most effective Adrenal Support supplements I have been able to find. If you have determined via a saliva hormone test that your cortisol levels are too low and that your adrenal glands may be depleted, then this could make a big difference in how […]

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A Comprehensive Saliva Hormone Test – The Essential First Step Towards Balance

An essential first step towards safe, effective and healthy balance of reproductive hormones is to accurately determine the existing, un-supplemented levels.  Done properly, this can be one of the most important steps that you can take towards optimal health.  Not only can it greatly improve reproductive and sexual function, but it can also dramatically decrease your risk […]

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Best Sources For Important Supplements & Related Health Items

In this section you will find the best sources we have been able to research for a number of important supplements, herbs and related natural health products.  They are not listed in any particular order, so you will have to scroll up and down a bit.     ____________________________________________________________________________ Vitamin C– Vitamin C is one […]

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Could You Use Deeper, More Restful Sleep?

For years melatonin has been promoted as an aid to better sleep.  A number of laboratory studies provide compelling support for these promotions.  The problem is that most of the melatonin supplements have either not worked at all in the field, or have worked poorly.  It turns out that most if not all of the […]

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“PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution”

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to set aside the time to maintain or improve your fitness?  You are not alone!  I experience the shortage of time, myself.  And all day long I talk with people who are grappling with the same frustration.  With everything it seems we need to do these days, it has become […]

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Super Reading That Actually Works !

Over many years I have read literally thousands of books, articles, research papers and the like.  I still spend 50 or more hours each month reading the latest health research books and papers.  I do this so that I can better help you, my clients. From time-to-time I have come across a programs that were supposed […]

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Far Infra-Red Saunas by High Tech Health, International

For some time now I have been investigating Far Infrared saunas from different manufacturers.  Some years ago, when I first experienced the wonderful benefits of a Far Infrared Sauna, there were very few available, from only a couple of sources.  Since then, the benefits have become much more widely known, and consequently there are now a […]

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“Loving What Is” by Byron Katie

Wouldn’t you love to be able to clear away your most painful emotions by handling them successfully?  Mentally and emotionally you could be at peace with yourself and with everyone you know.  Sounds too good to be true? In “Loving What Is”, Byron Katie suggests a practical solution to much of what torments us in […]

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A Safe And Simple Way To Check For Toxins

Almost all holistic health practitioners know that toxins, such as heavy metals that accumulate in the body can lead to serious and often chronic health problems.  And lately increasing numbers of “conventional” physicians are beginning to pay serious attention to this important health issue. Living in the industrial age, and in so-called “developed countries” as […]

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“The Cure For All Advanced Cancers” by Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

When you read the title of this book, you may be tempted to dump the book into the “Too good to be true – pay it no mind” pile.  That would be unfortunate.  While I personally wish the title had been more modest, I also must emphasize that this book makes a great deal of […]

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A Journey To Financial Freedom And Health: “The Web Of Debt”

I think most of us would agree that the level of personal freedom and self-determination we realize in our lives is dependent on the degree to which we understand the world we live in.  If we want to control our physical environment we need to understand the laws of physics.  For example, imagine how different our lives […]

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Review: “Relax Into Stretch” by Pavel Tsatsouline

There are literally thousands of books about how to stretch and increase flexibility.  If one includes the books on Yoga, various Martial Arts, etc. and that also include major sections on stretching, then the numbers are into the hundreds of thousands. So why bother with yet another book on stretching? “Relax Into Stretch” by Pavel Tsatsouline, […]

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Review: “Hormone Balance Made Simple” by Dr. John Lee, M.D.

I believe that this book is one of the most important health books I have ever read. Here’s why: Reproductive hormone balance is a critical factor in human health, for both men and women. In most ways, the human body is marvelously resilient and maintains its balance very well without much attention from us. However, […]

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