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I hate the phrase “cancer survivor”. It strongly implies that surviving cancer is an unusual event and is the exception.  I know from my own story, as well as my work with hundreds of clients over several decades that recovering from cancer can and should be the rule and not the exception.  There are many parts of the world where they do not follow our “War On Cancer” metaphor and they routinely achieve very different results – most people get well and stay well!  And, my core message to share with you is that you can too!  My mission here is to help you learn how.

This is a page where you will find the very valuable resources I have gathered, learned, discovered and even developed over the course of a couple of decades of helping my clients to overcome and prevent cancer.

This page is under construction, and I will be adding information and resources as quickly as possible.  Meanwhile, the following crucial resources are available to you immediately:

“The Cancer Trap, and How You Can Break Free”

Meanwhile, I have received so many requests for an article I wrote several years ago, summarizing the approach to overcoming cancer that I developed over a period of more than 20 years that I have decided to post it here now so you can have it right away.  Here is the link:  The Cancer Trap, And How You Can Break Free.    And please check back frequently, as this page will expand and change rapidly.


“The Quest for The Cures…Continues?” – a ground-breaking video series coming to a computer near you, beginning Monday, October 13th, and continuing through Friday, October 24th

Ty Bollinger is a journalist and “people’s advocate”, who has specialized in helping to expose the agenda of those who insist that conventional therapy, cut, poison and burn, is the only safe and rational response to cancer and that there are no safe and effective options.  He has just launched a new video series about alternative approaches to cancer.  I am very excited about this as it includes a stellar team of presenters and experts in this field and want to share with everyone who may need this information.

28 Doctors, 11 Scientists, 9 Survivors And 1 “FDA Dragon Slaying” Attorney Break Their ‘Code Of Silence’ And Expose The TRUTH About Cancer And Exactly How To Prevent, Treat And Beat it 100% Naturally

Attendance is free, and the series begins in a couple of weeks.   Here is the link to register so that you can attend for free:  The Truth About Cancer


The 2014 Cure To Cancer Summit, and much, much more:

I am a featured presenter in this year’s “Cure To Cancer Summit”, which began on September 3rd, 2014, and ran through September 18th.  By all reports, the presentations were terrific, sharing crucial information and insights into dealing with and preventing cancer.  Most of the information presented is simply not easy to find anywhere else.  And much of it falls into the category of “life-saving information”.

The period for free attendance is over, (as of September 28th), however, for a very reasonable monthly subscription (no long-term obligation – you can cancel at any time), you can access all of the 30 presentations from this years “Cure To Cancer Summit – 2014”, as well as last year’s summit and a ton of valuable bonus material and special reports, and more.

Here is the link to sign up:


To your great health!

Jeff Bell
The Overcoming Cancer Coach


  1. mary-Anne
    Posted September 18, 2014 at 6:52 am | Permalink

    I am a 1 year breast cancer survivor – stage 3 – I was listeintg to yr summit broadcast – I would like to get connected with u to know what strategies I shud use to prevent a recurrence.

    Thank you

    • Jeff Bell
      Posted October 4, 2014 at 8:01 pm | Permalink

      Hi Mary-Anne, Congratulations on your success with overcoming cancer, so far. May I encourage you to modify your language just a bit? By saying you are a “cancer survivor” instead of perhaps a “cancer thriver” or maybe something more to do overcoming cancer, it communicates that living through cancer is an exception and is not the rule. Your unconscious is listening to all of the language you use. So that phrase may be disempowering and may actually be weakening your immune system. Just something to think about.

      As far as doing your best to ensure that the cancer does not recur, I would start with the principles that I outline in my article, titled: “The Cancer Trap, And How You Can Break Free”. You can download it at no charge on this page. Then if you want additional help, please e-mail directly. Include some background and the best way to get in touch.

      To your great health!


    • Bill
      Posted August 11, 2016 at 4:03 am | Permalink

      Hi Mary-Anne,
      A little about me first. I have researched cures for cancer for years. I am not a Dr.
      but wish I had become one as I have found the human body to be fascinating. I
      have read about 3 million pages of research from all over the planet. This includes
      independent labs, hospitals, Universities, as well as medical societies in many
      Now for the good news. Many cancers have been known for some time to be
      caused by parasites. My research leads me to believe that most cancers are
      caused by parasites. These parasites enter the a cell and take up residence.
      They intercept the nutrients that the liver sends to each of the 100Trillion plus
      cells in the body. Then they defecate in the cell which is a moist warm
      environment. Soon, a fungus begins to grow which many believe to be the
      actual cancer. It is my theory that Candida is a precursor to cancer and is
      caused by the proliferation of parasites in the body. Parasites being bacteria, virus, and mycoplasma.
      Here is what you really want to know about the cancer you beat and how to never get cancer ever again. Breast cancer is caused 100% by bacteria according to science. This news was released earlier in 2016. There are many ways to kill the bacteria (parasites) that cause cancer.
      Look into the benefits of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE). DO begin any
      protocol by starting with small doses and work up to recommended doses.
      More is not always better. If you take too much DE at once you will get what
      is called the Herxhiemer effect. That is flu like symptoms for a day or more
      due to the huge die off of parasites in the body. The flue symptoms are the
      bodies way of eliminating the dead bodies of the microscopic bacteria etc.
      As always it is good to drink plenty of water with all protocols. There are herbs
      that kill parasites as well. I tried a product that works well as it kills worms
      too. Yes people get worms just like dogs and other animals do. These are also
      detrimental to the health of the body. The web site I bought herbs from is
      called: Cayenne Pepper also kills parasites in the body. The
      hot spicy foods that raise the temperature of the body for at least 5-10 minutes
      will kill parasites. By raising the temperature of the body artificially you create
      a fever. A fever is the bodies way of killing parasites when you get sick. It is
      of great importance to keep the pH of the body a little on the alkaline side.
      7.3 – 7.4 Alkalinity is a good healthy pH to have. EVERYONE that has had
      cancer has an acidic body. Remember too that cancer loves sugar. Sugar
      is a poison to the body and is more addictive than heroin. Try to keep your
      sugar intake as low as you can. Many people have beaten cancer by eating
      vegetables only. The reason vegetables can cure cancer is many such as
      carrots actually kill certain species of parasites. According to science there
      are between 1000 and 3000 different species of parasites. Most doctors
      know of only 50 – 60 as taught in school. Most doctors are ignorant of natural
      cures for disease. Did you know that Doctors CURED every case of cancer
      that walked through their doors in the late 1800s? They also cured many other
      types of disease and wrote books on the disease and the cure. Did you know
      a German Doctor in the early 1950s found a cure for most cancer that is dirt
      cheap? Research Dr. Johanna Budwig. She was nominated 6 times for the
      nobel prize for the research she did. Research her original formula for curing
      cancer. I have read testimonies from every corner of the planet about how her
      simple protocol cured most cancers in 30 days. Some took longer but were
      cured. Take this to heart as it makes sense in every way. The Japanese
      medical society stated last year that drinking 4 glasses of clean water 45
      minutes before breakfast may cure every disease known to man. This is due
      to our bodies needing water to flush the waste of chemicals and feces from
      parasites out of the cells of the body. Of course there are heavy metals and
      chemicals as well as mycoplasma ( Mycoplasma was weaponized by the
      U.S. Military according to freedom of information act documents) Mycoplasma
      is responsible for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and more. DE
      may cure these disease. High intravenous doses of over 100,000 mg. has been
      able to cure these disease. According to Doctor Richard Shultze tumors can be
      destroyed by drinking 10 cups of Cayenne Pepper tea a day. Cayenne Pepper
      also stops a heart attack or stroke according to Dr. Shultz.
      For natural cures or help with disease check out:
      Also, according to science…..Anyone who gets a disease is low in some mineral.
      You may find some information for cancer at: However, what
      I have told you previously will keep you healthy and able to take care of cancer
      if you are unfortunate to get it again. Most cancers can be cured in 30 days
      using the knowledge herein. Good pure source of Selenium is good for curing
      prostate they way. I think 250mg is the dose but it an be researched.
      I could write a book about cancer and what causes most disease but do not have the time or room here. Also, to keep the immune system at its strongest take vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 as vitamin k2 helps vitamin D3 to assimilate.
      8000 mg of Vitamin D3 is the latest amount that should be taken 5 days a week
      You can get too much so look up the symptoms of too much and back off if you
      recognize them. I am a researcher only and not a doctor. Before beginning any protocol always consult your Doctor first. Last but very important is that certain
      groups of vitamins and minerals need to be taken together for proper assimilation to take place. Multi vitamins with minerals waste your money and give you false
      hope as vitamins and minerals of certain groups cancel out other groups of vitamins and minerals. Most doctors do not know this as they recommend
      multivitamins with minerals all the time. Also, What you believe to be true
      in this world will manifest as truth to you. You can cure any disease with
      your mind alone through visualization and meditation. As a footnote: I never
      get sick and have not had the flu (which I use to get every year) in over 30
      years! I used the power of my mind to program my body to never get sick.
      The secret of programming your body is to say what you want out loud for
      20 minutes every day for at least 21 days. Longer is better. You will come to
      believe your statement as being true and it will manifest in your body. This
      works for anything you desire but you must believe and have faith that your
      desire has already become manifest in this material world. See it in your mind
      and be grateful and smile as you do so! Hope this helps

      • Jeff Bell
        Posted October 9, 2016 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

        Hi Bill,

        First, sorry to take so long to reply. We had a technical problem which prevented me from getting the usual notices for pending questions and comments. I apologize for that.

        Wow! Thank you for your long and thoughtful post. I agree with a good deal of what you say. I certainly agree that multivitamins are a bad choice in most cases. I also agree that PH is important.

        However, I will take issue with this: For most people, trying to overcome cancer as a “do-it-yourself” project is not wise. There is too much to learn and know. Most people, especially those diagnosed with cancer do not have time to study and read enough. You, yourself say that you have read more than 3 Million pages of research. Even if you are a fast reader, that could take years. And you can’t really ask the cancer to take a “time-out” while you do all that reading.

        Even if you could do all the reading, how do you determine which research is on the level and which wrong or even fraudulent. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false research out there and it takes a lot of background and experience to sort the true from the false.

        Yes, cancer is curable. Further, the conventional oncology sector does not have good answers in most cases. The best of us know how to help people overcome most cancers. But this comes with many years or even decades of experience, on top of thousands of hours of training.

        I recommend finding a good practitioner, who has a good track record to work with. There is too much to know and the stakes are too high to rely on a do-it-yourself approach.

        To your great health!

        Jeff Bell
        So, I

  2. DADDJ
    Posted July 30, 2015 at 9:05 pm | Permalink

    Your contact us form is defunct. It will only allow a few characters. I would like to ask a question, and would rather not ask in a comment Thanks.

    • Jeff Bell
      Posted July 30, 2015 at 10:35 pm | Permalink

      Yes, the form is broken. Apparently, a “security” update broke it a bit ago. I am working on tracking this down and fixing it. Meanwhile, just e-mail me. My address is all over the site. I don’t want to put it here as the bots will get it. But if you have trouble finding it, Friend me on Facebook, Jeff Bell in Concord, CA, and I will send you my e-mail address. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope to have the forms fixed soon, but it might be a week. It is more complex than I thought.

      To your great health!

      Jeff Bell

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