An Antidote To “Computer Stress”

We all know that prolonged stress is damaging to our health. 

Computers are great when they are working correctly and doing what we want them to.   But when they are not, they can create a great deal of stress.   The use of computers and the access to the Internet that they provide has tremendously increased the effectiveness in my life’s work, the ongoing development and sharing of Natural Health. 

But I am the first to admit that when my computer is not working correctly the result is often a great deal of stress.

One area of computer stress I am thankful to say I have eliminated is data loss.  I NEVER worry about losing data.  I don’t have to worry about losing a single one of the more than a half-million pages of health data stored on my computer and on my network.  That is because I have a very robust way to use simple technology to protect my data. 

If you use a computer and would like to join me in being stress-free when it comes to data loss, the click the link below to read my article:

What You Must Know About Backing Up Your Computer

To your health!

Jeff Bell

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