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Honoring And Helping Veterans (Even Though I Am Opposed To War)

This past Memorial Day here in the U.S.A. was bittersweet for me. I learned that a longtime friend of mine, who was a veteran from the first U.S. invasion of Iraq, Desert Storm, who had been battling PTSD and severe depression for years, had taken his life. I am not much of a fan of […]

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Sore Back First Aid That Works

Early Tuesday morning I got a bit careless. I was moving something heavy and did not have my mind on what I was doing.  Next thing I knew, I felt that little twinge in my back.  At first, I thought it was no big deal.  But I was wrong.  Over the next hour it got […]

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Why Trusting The Doctor To Heal You From Cancer May Not Be Wise

Having spent the better part of several decades helping people find alternatives that I think are far superior to conventional cancer treatments and then guiding them through the alternatives I have often wondered why anyone would still opt for chemotherapy.  I still wonder.  To me it makes no sense.  The real statistics do not support […]

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An Hour Of Fitness In Just 10 Minutes? Is It Possible?

These days, with so many of us having busier schedules than we would like, too often it is hard to find the time to maintain the level of fitness that we would like. As a 65 year old former athlete, whose body has a lot of hard miles on it, I am all too aware […]

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A Frightening Assault On Freedom

I am not sure if most of the people living in the U.S.A. are aware of the real extent to which our previously-treasured freedoms are being taken away and have already been taken away. I think this is really important.  If we do not pay attention to this and resist having our freedoms taken away, […]

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The Serious Toxin You Can’t See – Electro Magnetic Pollution

In my practice I am seeing an increase in serious health problems from the cumulative and ever increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  The exposure is dramatically rising in most parts of this nation as a result of the greater reliance on wireless technology. The research that I have been studying over the last 10 years […]

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The World’s Best Coffee For Coffee Enemas

Recently, there has been more attention on both the safety and efficacy of coffee enemas and there usefulness in helping to overcome a number of serious illnesses, including cancer and a number of forms of liver disease. In the near future, I will be posting on article that includes everything you need to know to […]

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What’s The Real Threat From The Swine Flu “Pandemic”?

Regardless of your view on the origin of the swine flu – a manufactured epidemic, the result of extremely bad farming practices, or just the recent edition of the cycle of flu that naturally make its way around the planet every year – there is signficiant consensus amoung health researchers that the greatest threat is not from the flu […]

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Looking For Real CBD Oil At A Fair Price?

These days, lots of people are looking for a good source for a specific type of hemp oil, or cannabis oil, which has been shown to help people who are dealing with cancer.  There are many sources, and a lot of conflicting information.  The type of hemp oil for this purpose is known as “CBD […]

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Resources For Those Dealing With Cancer

Resources For Those Dealing With Cancer On this page, you will find resources, posts and links and sources for many of the items that people who are using alternative methods top overcome cancer, or who may be supporting a loved one who is following that course. Please download and read my article, “The Cancer Trap, […]

The 2014 Cure To Cancer Summit – How You Can Attend

The 2014 Cure To Cancer Summit begins on September 3rd and continues through September 18th. You can attend for free. And for a nominal purchase you can have permanent access to all of the presentations, including any that you may miss in real time. I am thrilled to invite you to join me in the […]

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Flu Season – To Shoot Or Not To Shoot

 Yes, it’s flu season again.  And the usual signs trying to convince us that we need a flu shot are everywhere.  This year they seem even more widespread than ever.  Everywhere I go I feel like there are voices telling me to get a flu shot right away. There are about 3 or 4 supermarkets […]

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If We Were Serious About Doing Something About Violence And The Use Of Chemical Weapons…

Most of the time I am able to restrain myself from posting political views on this site.  I try to keep it focused as strictly as possible on health, only.  In this case, as I watch the most powerful nation in human history prepare to bomb yet another relatively weak nation that poses no direct […]

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Tips For Getting An Accurate AMAS Cancer Test

The AMAS cancer test has been around for a couple of decades.  It is FDA approved, in many cases even covered by Medicare.  I only mention those two factors because they help to establish that this is not some wacky, esoteric test of doubtful validity. To be sure, there are those in the mainstream, some […]

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Get Started

Tired of endlessly chasing symptoms? Ready to Get Started with finding and fixing the root cause?

Cancer Keys

I hate the phrase “cancer survivor”. It strongly implies that surviving cancer is an unusual event and is the exception.  I know from my own story, as well as my work with hundreds of clients over several decades that recovering from cancer can and should be the rule and not the exception.  There are many […]

An Amazing Cat Tail – 7 Of 9 Lives Used!

We hope you had a great New Year’s Celebration, and one with a lot less drama than ours.  For the last 10 years we have been blessed to have a mostly wild cat living with us.  (Actually, we have 2 cats, but one is as domestic as can be and the other is seriously wild.) […]

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The Dangers Of Blood Testing For Reproductive Hormones

For quite a few years I have been advocating and writing about the use of saliva testing instead of blood testing for measuring reproductive hormone levels.  There are several posts on this site that deal with this all-important area of health.  And I have several articles that are available upon request. Here are links to […]

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A Simple Trick For Sore And Stiff Necks

From time to time most of us will experience a stiff or sore neck.  For many years I have relied on a simple trick to attain both instant relief and long term benefits, as well.  I learned this from my first chiropractic and applied kinesiology instructor. Before I share this simple but highly effective trick […]

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A Kiai A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Could you use a simple way to supercharge your immune system?  Read on! In martial arts, the term kiai commonly refers to a short exhalation (not necessarily as a yell) before or during a strike or technique.  In bujutsu, (Japanese arts of war), it is usually linked to an inner gathering of energy released in […]

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Can I Get The Organic Sulfur My Body Needs Through Diet?

The short answer is, “No.” But don’t lose heart; there is a simple solution. First, we need a little background:  What is organic sulfur and why do we need it?  Simply put, organic sulfur is one of the most important elements that our biology absolutely depends on.  Sulfur is an element and as such certainly […]

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URGENT! What’s The Truth About Fukushima?

I hate being a fear monger.  And I just heard a new quote that applies: “Worry is a misuse of imagination.”  That is brilliant.  And in most cases I think we need to do whatever we can to avoid fear and worry.  It is well documented that prolonged states of fear and worry lead to serious […]

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A True Miracle Mineral – Magnesium

Every once I a while I find out about a natural health protocol that is truly a breakthrough.  Magnesium is such a find.  It turns out that effectively boosting bioavailable magnesium levels for most of us provides dramatic health benefits.  In fact, it is fair to say that some of the benefits go beyond dramatic […]

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Effective Help For Bladder Control Problems?

Lately I have gotten a number of requests for help with bladder control issues from both adult men and women. Problems range from overly frequent urination to leakage.  In some cases the frequency of urination may be such that it is disruptive to normal activities.  Or it may prevent one from getting a good night’s […]

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What You Need To Know About Calcium Supplements

For years we have heard that to maintain healthy bones we all need calcium supplements.  But is this true? And if it is true, what supplements should we use, and how much? The fact is that more and more information is surfacing that ties improper calcium supplementation with increased risk and occurrence of strokes and heart […]

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Stressed By Legal Issues?

Two of the biggest sources of ongoing stress I have seen in our modern day society are legal and financial problems.  I have a few posts on this site about relieving financial stress.  This one is about relieving legal stress. If you are in the right you should win in court, right?  Unfortunately, that is […]

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How To Make Organic Sulfur Taste OK!

For a few years I have been adding Organic Sulfur to my diet to make up for the gross sulfur deficiency in our food supply.  For the past 60 years or so, since the advent of synthetic fertilizer and industrial agriculture, our food supply has been extremely deficient in sulfur.  It is estimated that our food […]

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Check This Out – A Great “Occupy” Song

Besides entertaining us and adding beauty to our lives, art has always had the job of holding up a mirror for us. It can be a powerful medium for “getting out the message”. Recall that Picasso’s famous painting about the bombing of a city of civilians during the Spanish Civil War, called simply: “Guernica” was […]

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Occupy the Neighborhood: How Counties Can Use Land Banks and Eminent Domain

It is not often that I post articles by others on this blog. And it is even more rare that I post articles by others that are not directly about health. However, in this case, I think the issue raised and discussed is so crucial and so well covered that I feel compelled to post […]

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How To Make A Great Stir Fry

This post is a bit unusual for me.  It is not about some amazing new health protocol that I must share.  But those who know me know that I love to cook and have been at it for most of my 61 years.  And actually, my love of cooking has made it easier for me […]

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A Crucial Missing Nutrient – Sulfur

I have posted important information about organic sulfur in several previous posts on this blog.  Since posting the most recent of them I have received a number of new questions, which I want to address here. Let’s start with a bit of deeper background than you’ll find in my previous blog posts about sulfur: Why […]

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“Vultures’ Picnic” – Caution Your Banker May Be Hazardous To Your Health

This web site is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones to overcome your most serious health challenges.  Or if you already enjoy good health, helping you to maintain and even further improve your health.   The financial stress that currently arises for most of us from the unrestrained corruption and wholesale greed that are […]

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Accurately Testing Your PH Level

 For decades most holistic health experts, naturopaths and others have recognized the importance of a proper acid alkaline balance in the human body.  There is widespread agreement that living in our modern, industrial environment renders many of us far too acidic and that this leads to poor health.  Further, this leaves us vulnerable to many […]

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A Safe, Effective and Simple Emotional Detox – EFT or “Emotional Freedom Technique”

It seems that these days there is more and more need to find ways to eliminate the stress caused by fear and anxiety in our daily lives.  And when we are in unusually difficult circumstances or emergency situations, this need is even greater. Some people ignore this need, usually with highly detrimental health effects.  Others […]

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Another Look At Muscle-Testing For Health

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a reliable way to know which vitamins and supplements are safe and effective for each of us?  There is so much variation among human beings that although the “rules” of nutrition may be good starting point guidelines, they are often useless for determining the specifics for any given person. […]

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DMSO And Organic Sulfur To The Rescue!

So I’ve got this cool new vehicle for fun and fitness that I’m learning to ride.  My new toy is a 3-wheeled human-powered scooter called a “Trikke”.  It is terrific for fitness and lots of fun to ride. However, it is not quite as easy to learn how to ride as it looks.  I am still getting […]

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Organic Sulfur For Rapid Pain Management?

Ordinarily it would be a long time before I could personally test something like this.  I am blessed to live mostly free of any physical pain, despite my body have been subjected to some pretty rough use over the years. Sometimes things seem to happen for a reason.   Yesterday, about an hour after I got […]

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Do You Value The Internet? Then Read This!

Do you remember about a year ago there were laws pending in the U.S. Congress that just about anyone who could read could see would destroy our free use of the Internet?  There was a massive people’s movement to oppose the laws and we narrowly won that campaign. They’re at it again.  Congress is considering […]

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Radiation Health Updatate From Japan

When I recently published my article covering what we really needed to know about the radioactive threats from the Japanese nuclear disaster, most people were grateful for the clarity and practical advice.  A small number of people complained that I was contributing to the panic and that I was “fear mongering”.  I did not take […]

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More Disturbing News From Japan – Are You Prepared?

I have no wish to be a fear monger.  However, I also believe that ignoring serous threats, staying in denial or buying into the mainstream PR spin does not serve humanity.  So I must share the following:  According to world renowned physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, the situation with the crippled nuclear power plants in Japan […]

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Organic Sulfur – A Super Detox And Metabolic Support Agent

Since the advent of commercial agriculture, and particularly chemical synthetic fertilizers, a key ingredient of human health has gone missing from the human diet.  This is Organic Sulfur. Our livers must have it in order to detoxify our bodies properly.  Our cells must have it in order to generate the energy we need to be […]

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A Safe, Effective and Simple Emotional Detox – EFT or “Emotional Freedom Technique”

It seems that there is more and more need to find ways to eliminate the stress and pain of negative emotions in our daily lives.  And when we are in unusually difficult circumstances or emergency situations, this need is even greater. Some people ignore this need, usually with highly detrimental health effects.  Others spend lots […]

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A Simple, Practical Heavy Metal Detox

Most people are exposed to many toxic chemicals and heavy metals on a daily basis through the foods we eat, products we use, water we drink, and the air we breathe. Once in the body, heavy metals and toxic chemicals multiply the production of harmful free radicals (by up to one million times) and may […]

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Radiation Detox – What You Need To Know

Each day, as the very unfortunate events in Japan unfold, it seems more likely that at least some radioactive contamination from the crippled nuclear power plants will make its way to other parts of the world.  The news is not getting any better, despite what many “authorities” and mainstream news outlets are telling us. I […]

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On this page you will find links to many of my previously-published articles. The articles on this page are completely free.  They are my gift to you to help you achieve all your health goals.  You may read them, print them, download them, and even share them freely with anyone you choose.  However, I ask that you respect the […]

Am I Being Exposed To Dangerous Radiation Levels?

A number of people have called or e-mailed today to tell me where they are and ask if they were already being exposed? Obviously this is a question whose answer changes over time.  An area that may have been safe a few hours ago may not be now. To enable you to check for yourself […]

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A Few More Radiation Protection Measures

This is really an “add-on” to my previous post, which is all about potassium iodide.  I stand by the advice I offered in that post, and want to add the following: Besides obtaining some appropriate dose potassium iodide and taking 2 or possibly 3 doses of it, if we get radioactive debris carried to North America […]

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What To Know Right Now About Radiation Protection

Potassium Iodide – Protection From Radiation For Your Thyroid I have started to receive a flood of e-mails and quite a few calls asking about the dangers from the nuclear disasters in Japan.  People are worried and understandably so.  There is a ton of  wrong information about radiation risks and sensible measures floating around right […]

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Healthy Adrenals and Measuring Cortisol Levels

. . . . Your adrenal glands, located at the top of each kidney, produce cortisol, which is a natural, steroidal hormone that is crucial to life.  Your body simply cannot live without it. What does cortisol do?  Many things, but just to name a few: Aids your body in responding to stress Stimulates metabolism […]

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An Antidote To “Computer Stress”

We all know that prolonged stress is damaging to our health.  Computers are great when they are working correctly and doing what we want them to.   But when they are not, they can create a great deal of stress.   The use of computers and the access to the Internet that they provide has tremendously increased […]

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Urgent Action Item! Don’t Let Our Government Crush Our Internet!

I’m sure my readers are aware of the huge struggle for freedom and democracy currently unfolding in Egypt. Of course, the existing dictatorship in Egypt is resisting all calls for relinquishing its hold on absolute power with all its might.  That is no surprise. One of the key measures they have employed is to shut down one […]

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Why Saliva Testing?

Lately a number of people have contacted me to ask about various tests they planned to have done, often including reproductive hormone level testing.  Many had planned to have blood testing done as their initial step in approaching healthy reproductive hormone balancing. I have discouraged them from relying on blood testing for hormone balance.  The […]

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A High Quality, Effective Adrenal Support Supplement

Adreno-Lyph-Plus, made by Nutri-West is one of the best quality and most effective Adrenal Support supplements I have been able to find. If you have determined via a saliva hormone test that your cortisol levels are too low and that your adrenal glands may be depleted, then this could make a big difference in how […]

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What Do Successful People Have In Common?

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new decade.  I thought maybe a little supportive inspiration might be useful. To your wonderful health and to a great year for you and your family! Jeff Bell By the way, statistics show that most successful people fail many more times than unsuccessful people do.   The […]

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A Key To Acelerated And Joyful Learning

What makes learning so difficult?  Is it the challenge of finding the right teacher?  Or perhaps sorting through the deluge of “over-information” that most of us are confronted with on a daily basis?  While those may be challenges we must overcome, I do not believe they prevent most of us from learning. So what is […]

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URGENT ! Health Freedom Alert ! A Call To Action

It is not often that I find an article so important, accurate and urgent that I repost it here in its entirety.  This is such an article.  It does not require any further comment from me.  Please read it and then follow your conscience. Senate bill 3767 seeks to put dietary supplement makers in prison […]

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Is There A Connection Between Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings And MS?

For some time now many holistic health practitioners, naturopaths and others have insisted that mercury amalgam dental fillings can cause MS, as well as a host of other very serious auto-immune diseases.  (These are diseases where the body’s own immune system gets “fooled” into attacking the body’s own otherwise healthy tissues, organs and structures.  Examples […]

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Is There Poison In Your Mouth? Jaw-Dropping Video!!

There is a raging controversy between the conventional dental industry and most holistic health practitioners.  And as the evidence mounts more and more practitioners in the conventional health sector are siding with the holistic health practitioners. I’m talking about mercury amalgam fillings.  While there are many who claim that concerns about the health dangers of […]

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A Comprehensive Saliva Hormone Test – The Essential First Step Towards Balance

An essential first step towards safe, effective and healthy balance of reproductive hormones is to accurately determine the existing, un-supplemented levels.  Done properly, this can be one of the most important steps that you can take towards optimal health.  Not only can it greatly improve reproductive and sexual function, but it can also dramatically decrease your risk […]

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Best Sources For Important Supplements & Related Health Items

In this section you will find the best sources we have been able to research for a number of important supplements, herbs and related natural health products.  They are not listed in any particular order, so you will have to scroll up and down a bit.     ____________________________________________________________________________ Vitamin C– Vitamin C is one […]

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Could It Be That Diet Sodas Make Us Fat?

I think just about everybody who cares about real health these days gets it that most non-sugar sweeteners are bad for you.  We know that Aspartame™, NutraSweet™ and the rest of those artificial sweeteners destroy health. Most of them lead to horrible diseases, including various cancers, brain tumors and more. And yet we are so […]

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Could You Use Deeper, More Restful Sleep?

For years melatonin has been promoted as an aid to better sleep.  A number of laboratory studies provide compelling support for these promotions.  The problem is that most of the melatonin supplements have either not worked at all in the field, or have worked poorly.  It turns out that most if not all of the […]

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A Simple Way To Reduce Heart Disease Risk

A number of years ago I published an article about reducing heart disease risk.  It outlined a very simple step that anyone could take to drastically cut the risk of the most common forms of heart disease. The article approached the risk reduction by dealing with a common cause of heart disease.  When the article was published, […]

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Hate Swallowing All Those Supplements? There Is An Easier Way…

Most of us who are paying attention to our health these days end up taking a number of supplements at least once every day.  I don’t know about you, but I have always disliked trying to swallow all those capsules and tablets. I hated the way my throat felt – lightly sand-papered. I hated the occasional […]

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U.S. Scores Dead Last Again In Healthcare Study

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.  However, I feel compelled to re-post this article.  My hope is that if enough informed and concerned citizens keep hammering on this issue, eventually there will be a groundswell of outrage, which will fuel the political will to fix this travesty.   Please become informed and join the […]

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Can You Enjoy Great Health And Still Have A Life?

We all want to enjoy the best health that we can for as long as possible.  But what does that really mean? There are people who spend just about every waking moment working on their health.  Yoga masters come to mind.  They are truly amazing examples of vibrant health.  Many of them live to be […]

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Where Did The Gray Go?

A few months ago I was standing in front of the mirror, brushing my teeth when I noticed that my hair was about 60% gray.  I’d been sneaking up on 60 so I was not surprised at the gray in my hair.  The gray did not bother me as I have never paid much attention to […]

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“PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution”

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to set aside the time to maintain or improve your fitness?  You are not alone!  I experience the shortage of time, myself.  And all day long I talk with people who are grappling with the same frustration.  With everything it seems we need to do these days, it has become […]

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Super Reading That Actually Works !

Over many years I have read literally thousands of books, articles, research papers and the like.  I still spend 50 or more hours each month reading the latest health research books and papers.  I do this so that I can better help you, my clients. From time-to-time I have come across a programs that were supposed […]

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Suffering From Alergy Or Cold Symptoms? Read This!

Lately I’ve been hearing from people who have runny noses, stuffed noses and sinuses or other common symptoms of allergies and colds.  Obviously, they would like relief from the symptoms but don’t want the side-effects that almost all anti-histamines and other pharmaceutical cold products cause.  They all seem to have them, whether over-the-counter or prescription.  […]

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How’s Your Vitamin D Level?

On November 1st of 2009 I posted a blog entry about the importance of vitamin D for a properly functioning immune system, as well as for a number of other crucial body functions. Since that blog post there have been a number of articles, research papers and the like about vitamin D and just how crucial it […]

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Support Our Ongoing Work

A number of those who have benefitted from the information on this site have asked if they can help to support our work. Now you can! A lot of resources go into the research that stands behind the information we freely share.  Big Pharma and the rest of the conventional medical machine have massive amounts […]

Holding Congress Accountable – What You Can Do Now!

An Idea Whose Time Has Come! This will take less than thirty seconds to read.   If you agree, please pass it on. For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress.  Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same pay after only one term, that […]

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URGENT! Call To Action – Our Health Freedom At Risk, Courtesy Of Washington, DC !

The rascals in Washington, DC that are supposedly there to represent us and look out for us are at it again! Failed Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain is doing his best to ram legislation through the U.S. Senate, which will place draconian restrictions on our freedom to buy vitamins and supplements and to exercise similar […]

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Airports To Begin Strip-Searching All Passengers

You might want to take a minute to say goodbye to your personal liberties.  They’re flying right out the window — and, as usual, it’s all in the name of “protecting the public.” You knew this was coming…After the failed terror attempt on Christmas day, the federal Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has decided to step […]

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Order In The Court? How About Honesty In The Court?

We’ve all heard the exhortation, “Order in the court!”, hollered by various justices.  I guess they have to do that to keep chaos at bay. But I think it is time for a much more important phrase to be heard in loud ringing tones in the courts: “Honesty in the Court!” The recent Supreme Court […]

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The Hazards Of Sugar – New Information – A Must Read !

For at least the last several decades it has been no great secret that limiting sugar intake is one of the most important things we can do to achieve and maintain good health. Yet, despite this common knowledge, the U.S. is in the midst of an epidemic of obesity.  We are seeing unprecedented levels of adult onset diabetes, as well […]

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Far Infra-Red Saunas by High Tech Health, International

For some time now I have been investigating Far Infrared saunas from different manufacturers.  Some years ago, when I first experienced the wonderful benefits of a Far Infrared Sauna, there were very few available, from only a couple of sources.  Since then, the benefits have become much more widely known, and consequently there are now a […]

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Foods To Never Touch

It is rare that I post an article from another source here on this site.  Mostly I don’t find too many that I agree with sufficiently to post them in their entirety.  This is an exception.  I found the following article from Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D. to be excellent.  I agree with nearly everything in it.  […]

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“Loving What Is” by Byron Katie

Wouldn’t you love to be able to clear away your most painful emotions by handling them successfully?  Mentally and emotionally you could be at peace with yourself and with everyone you know.  Sounds too good to be true? In “Loving What Is”, Byron Katie suggests a practical solution to much of what torments us in […]

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A Safe And Simple Way To Check For Toxins

Almost all holistic health practitioners know that toxins, such as heavy metals that accumulate in the body can lead to serious and often chronic health problems.  And lately increasing numbers of “conventional” physicians are beginning to pay serious attention to this important health issue. Living in the industrial age, and in so-called “developed countries” as […]

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Safely Knock Out Pain

From time-to-time we all experience pain for one reason or another.  So there are a number of methods that have arisen for dealing with pain.  In the U.S. the most commonly used methods are based on over-the-counter “pain medications”.  These include medications we are all too familiar with, such as Tylenol, Advil, etc.  Almost all […]

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Ringing Out 2009 and Ringing In 2010

Time for a laugh break!   Here ya go:  (Might need to turn up the sound a bit.)    To your health!  Jeff Bell Have a safe and wonderful New Years celebration!

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“The Cure For All Advanced Cancers” by Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

When you read the title of this book, you may be tempted to dump the book into the “Too good to be true – pay it no mind” pile.  That would be unfortunate.  While I personally wish the title had been more modest, I also must emphasize that this book makes a great deal of […]

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A Journey To Financial Freedom And Health: “The Web Of Debt”

I think most of us would agree that the level of personal freedom and self-determination we realize in our lives is dependent on the degree to which we understand the world we live in.  If we want to control our physical environment we need to understand the laws of physics.  For example, imagine how different our lives […]

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Review: “Relax Into Stretch” by Pavel Tsatsouline

There are literally thousands of books about how to stretch and increase flexibility.  If one includes the books on Yoga, various Martial Arts, etc. and that also include major sections on stretching, then the numbers are into the hundreds of thousands. So why bother with yet another book on stretching? “Relax Into Stretch” by Pavel Tsatsouline, […]

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Review: “Hormone Balance Made Simple” by Dr. John Lee, M.D.

I believe that this book is one of the most important health books I have ever read. Here’s why: Reproductive hormone balance is a critical factor in human health, for both men and women. In most ways, the human body is marvelously resilient and maintains its balance very well without much attention from us. However, […]

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A Different Slant On Our National Health Care Debate

Lately I have found myself involved in frequent discussions about our health care system and what Congress and Obama are or are not doing about it. Not surprisingly, I have found that even among my very liberal friends, there is a lot of mistrust surrounding possible “single payer” otherwise known as “universal coverage” solutions. I […]

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Does Muscle-Testing Work?

From years and years of experience I can say that muscle-testing can be very accurate, and can be a way to access amazingly precise information.  It can also provide extremely misleading results. First, for those who may not be familiar with the technique, just what is muscle-testing?  Muscle-testing, which is a technique used in the […]

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Critical First Steps In Dealing With A Lower Back Pain Crisis

If you injure your lower back and/or experience an acute lower back pain episode, what you do in the first few days is often critical to making a full recovery.  Further, your initial response can make a huge difference in determining how long your recovery might take. If you know what to do, and just […]

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Want A Highly Accurate, Non-Invasive Cancer Test?

For a number of years most parts of Europe have enjoyed a very accurate, safe and non-invasive cancer test.  No x-rays, no expensive scans and nothing more unpleasant or dangerous than a blood test.  It is known as an AMAS test, or “Anti-Malignin AntibodySerum” test. Over the past few years this test has gained increasing […]

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Exciting Vitamin D Research – Participants Needed !!

I just learned of a new project that gives us all an opportunity to significantly improve our immune systems, and at the same time participate in valuable research about Vitamin D and its relationship to the immune system. The timing is perfect.  I am just about to release a new article on how to protect […]

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Ease Or Struggle – There Is A Choice

This will be one of my shorter posts.  But don’t let the short length fool you.  It may well be one of my most important posts, ever.  If it whets your appetite you may want to read the more detailed article that’s linked to it. The gist of the message is simply this.  In most […]

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Can We Balance Prosperity And Economic Justice?

Yes, I believe we can.  (There is a tie to health and you’ll see it soon.)  Those of you who know me and have been following me for a while know that in addition to my passionate pursuit of uncommon and highly valuable health knowledge, I have long been a dedicated student of matters financial.  […]

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An Even Faster Way To Show Warts The Door

Those of you who read my “Kissing Warts Goodbye” blog post of 08/14/2009 know that I got rid of a wart that had grown under a fingernail and that had been with me for about 45 years. I used MMS to get rid of this wart.  I had previously tried a number of “remedies” and […]

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A Major Reform For Our Health Care System

While the mostly dysfunctional folks in Wahsington, DC are busy re-arranging the deck chairs on our Titanic – their so-called “debate” on Health Care Reform – we do not need to stand helplessly by, doing nothing.  We could allow what is going on to make us feel discouraged and disempowered.  But that would not be healthy […]

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Welcome to our Resources Page.  Here you will find an ever-growing list of books, DVDs, CDs, as well as other sources of information, guidance, and related tools to help you in your quest for optimal health and wellness. Each resource listed here includes a thumbnail sketch of the content and/or subject matter, followed by a […]

Just What Is The Point, Anyway?

Recently I was working with a client I have been helping through some difficult health challenges.  Let’s call him Tom.  He is past middle age, has had his share of health problems over the years, and has also done significant self-growth work over the years. In our session, Tom shared that he was feeling kind […]

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My New Ten Dollar “Car”

OK, so it isn’t really a car.   Recently, I was going over the finances and noticed that we had been spending a lot of money on maintaining my car.  I have an older 240 Volvo station wagon, with about 150,000 miles on it.  It is in good condition.  I take good care of it, […]

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Why I Don’t Recommend Exercise

What?  Do I mean to tell you that I don’t recommend exercise for most people?  Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.  Think about it – what comes to mind when you say the word exercise?  Do words like, work, sweat, pain, drudgery, boredom, effort, and so on come up for you?  Unless you’re an accomplished athlete […]

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