Jeff_Bell_Headshot_06-07-2015_Cropped♦   Are you or a loved one wrestling with difficult health decisions
or challenges?

♦   Is your health care meeting your expectations?

♦   Do you wish you had a better way to sort through the
confusing options?

♦   Are you tired of feeling disempowered by the health care

As of April 15, 2009 there were approximately 1,220,000,000 web sites about health on the World Wide Web!  That’s ONE BILLION, two-hundred twenty million!  So why add yet one more?  Great question – I’m glad you asked!

Here’s what this site is all about:  This site is dedicated to helping you to optimize your own health, regardless of its current state.  Notice that this sentence contains no less than 3 references to you.  That’s because this health site is all about you.

To be sure, this site is chock full of valuable health resources.  Many of them are not easy to find elsewhere.  Some of these are resources that I have never found anywhere else.  So this site can be a tremendous resource for health and for learning about health approaches that really work.

But our real goal is to help you identify those health resources, strategies, and practices that are optimal for you, and then to help you achieve your best possible results with them.

When it comes to health, one size does NOT fit all!  There are more than 6 billion of us running around planet Earth and the range of variation in humans and in our health needs is enormous.  A perfect health strategy for one person could be exactly what someone else does not need.

It can be a daunting task to sort out which strategies, practices and resources are most suitable for each of us.  The medical establishment, driven far too much by economic and political agendas, all too often uses this potential confusion to intimidate and disempower us when it comes to our own health.

Too many of us have become convinced that we are not competent to participate in our own health decisions, let alone take on the major responsibility for our own health.

So we turn these decisions that have become so frightening to us over to the “experts”.  Most of us have even become so intimidated by “the system” that we don’t even ask critical questions of those to whom we entrust our lives and those of our loved ones.

The only problem is that these experts don’t have to live, (or die), with the outcomes of the decisions they make for us – we do!

Keep in mind that the United States of America’s health care system is now rated 38th in the world in terms of outcomes!  And it is rated 47th in the world for infant mortality!  This despite the fact that we are 1st in the world in spending for health care.

When you hear those numbers you know something is sickenly and horribly wrong.  No other conclusion is possible.

This website is all about tipping that balance back towards self-empowerment when it comes to our health.  We help you to acquire information that you need to achieve far better health outcomes.  Here you will find those resources best suited for your particular health needs.

We are dedicated to providing the resources and to helping you to make your best health decisions and to achieving maximum self-empowerment when it comes to your health.

Welcome!  If you are here, it most likely is  because you are looking for better health outcomes for yourself or a loved one.

We are sure that you will find much of value for yourself and your loved ones here and that you will find reason to come back again and again.  Please feel free to share your comments, feedback and questions.

I and my staff thank you.  We also want to thank our many gifted teachers, our clients, and all those courageous enough to buck the system and help in the struggle to return to a more positive and empowering health community for all.

Would you like to improve your health?  Begin with an absolutely FREE, no obligation, one-on-one health conversation with Jeff Bell.  Are you ready to  Get Started or learn more?

To your health!


Jeff Bell

Founder of MyHealthOptimizer.com

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